Thursday, October 02, 2008

36hrs Straight

Things I learnt from having to work 36 hrs straight in my office:

  • In an 'green' environmentally friendly office, when all the lights go off finally for the last time, you can't turn them back on.
  • This includes the lights in the toilets
  • A mobile phone light is not enough to illuminate a toilet cubical
  • I don't know how to bring Coffee machines out of standby mode. However, I do know the genius that programmed it, set it to go on standby from the hours of 12am-5am
  • The same genius probably figured out that since the coffee machine can automatically grind coffee beans, they don't need to stock any Instant coffee.
  • 12am - 5am are the hours people would need coffee the most, if they were pulling an all-nighter
  • Lights out is at 7pm - after this the lights are activated by sensors. At least until 12am. (see point 1).
  • Sensor activated lights do not detect a person typing away at a their desk or when they are talking on their phone.
  • They will however detect something, if that person starts frantically waving a sheet of A4 paper in the air.
  • Aircon shuts off at 7pm and does not go back on until 5am.
I do know once thing for sure though, the next time I'm looking at pulling another all-nighter, I'll be pulling out this post, and asking if all of the above have been resolved. Else I'm going to go and work on it from home.

Gdnite all.. :)