Friday, March 30, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Chip

I've been craving for fluffy, deep golden chips ever since I got back from Perth. Well, actually I'm only craving for the chips at Blue Duck Cafe in Cottesloe.

But given that is a good 5 hours flight away, I will need to find a place in Sydney instead to satisfy my fluffy potato chips craving.

Chips, Wedges (with or without sourcream and chilli) .. are my comfort food.

When I used to get stressed (really stressed) back at my last job, I would munch on some $3 box of wedges (courtesy of the foodcourt downstairs), while typing away frantically trying to resolve some system issue.

I must say, I feel sorry for the guy who took my seat and had to use my keyboard after I left.

The best Fish 'n' Chip shop I've found so far is Smith's Seafood down south near Blakehurst, just before Tom Ugly's bridge. Or rather, the best 'Fish' shop. Their chips kinda suck there. Its the frozen type that gets chucked straight into the fryer. When I go there now, I only order the Barra (battered) and give the chips a miss.

I prefer chips that are light and fluffy in the inside and deep fried to a crispy golden brown on the outside. None of those long-stringy french-fry chips. I don't mind the chips at KFC, if only they weren't so soggy and covered with oil.

If anyone has any recommendations, pls post it in my comments.

I will post results of my search as soon as I've found anything promising.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

phone calls

I got another phone call from him this morning. Telling me that somewhere in Singapore (where is his right now), there is this road that reminds him of Perth. Reminded him of our time together and how much he misses the care-free life back when we were all studying in Uni.

He sounded drunk.

And I told him so.

For the past month that I have been receiving these sporadic calls, I've tried to play the part of a 'friend'. I knew he was going through a particularly rough patch in his life. I didn't mind to listen. I was actually more concern that he would do something to himself. A path I believe he would take if all was lost.

I didn't want to learn one day that he too had gone down that path.

For that matter, how are you supposed to help someone who is depressed ? After each phone call, I only feel that I am the one who is becoming more and more depressed.

But this morning I kinda snapped. I guess the result from receiving a phone call from a drunken caller before 7am in the morning. I told him to stop calling me. Stop drinking. That he was not the only person in the world having problems. And told him to go wake up someone else in Singapore.

I so regret saying that now.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dinner Talk

During dinner at home last night.....

"You know when you were back in Perth.. I was eating only steam rice with soy sauce and chilli everynight"

"Huh? Oh you poor thing....I'll cook more often... ok?"

"But it was so yummy..hehe.."

"...... ?!!??!"

Somebody is going to be eating only steam rice with soy sauce and chilli at home for a long long time.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My mother is in town

My mother is in town.

-- The End --

Just kidding... its not 'the end' .. although that sentance above can definitely be my 'picture to a thousand words' for this post.

I spent the night before cleaning and vacuuming until 3am. (Although we did have a game of mahjong in between). And yet the first thing she said when she came in was, "Girl.. you should really clean your apartment up a bit ... so dusty".

And so Bunny took a bit of the blame.

Rabbit... Fur... Dust.

My day started at 7am. Her flight arrived at 7am. Breakfast - Lunch - Mahjong - Supper.

Having had only 4 hrs of sleep the night before, I was completely exhausted by 11pm. And fell asleep by the end she wanted to have some pre-bedtime talk.

She is only in town for 3 days (just for my graduation), so its not all bad. I just need to think about where to bring her to for dinner tonight. And possibly endure a night of nagging questions on why I still haven't brought my own place yet and the dreaded 'M' topic.

Oh.. and thanks again to my friends who contributed to the "Mummy Entertainment Fund" while playing mahjong with her last night.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pics from Perth

Some pics I took with my SE K800 while I was back home in Perth.

This one is at my favorite place... Cottesloe Beach. I can probably sit here the whole day.. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Best Vietnamese Pork Roll

In my opinion, this place has the best Vietnamese Pork Roll in Sydney.

This place is so good that no matter what time I go to pick up a $3.50 pork roll - it is always packed. Which means you have to line up. Something that you don't usually see in Sydney, unless you are lining up to get into a night club.

Presenting... Hong Ha in Mascot. Or quite simply the 'Pork Roll Place'. Everyone in front of me had either ordered a Pork roll or Chicken roll.. or (like my bf) both.

We went there at 11am, hoping to beat the lunch crowd...But still... it turned out pretty much the same.

This photo doesn't really do the line-up justice. The counter is a bit further back, and behind the counter were 5 ladies busily working whipping up yummy pork rolls by the minute. Which meant I only spent about a total of 4-5 minutes in line.

I did manage to take a photo of my pork roll before I gobbled it all up. :)

Paté, Mayo, 3 different types of pressed pork with salad, spring onion, corriander and gravy.. all encased in a crunchy fresh bread roll.

So craving for one right now... Grrrr....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy Busy

I've been so busy for the past few days that I feel like I'm running around, resembling somewhat of a mad chook with my head half chopped off.. Its not a nice sight.

Today I have spent most of my time travelling between two datacenters trying to get my system back online. Properly online.

One of my filers 1/2 failed yesterday, luckily the other cluster kicked in. And now I know a bit more (than I would have liked to) about Netbackup and NDMP set up commands. I think I was actually seeing those commands in my dreams last night !! Well.. maybe not my dreams... I never remember my dreams anyway. But it was what I was thinking of when I woke up this morning.

I'm actually tempted to take up the job offer with another outsourcing company (courtesy of my ex-colleague).. this one though is mainly dealing wintel servers and so it would be back to Citrix \ Active Directory and Exchange. I wonder how long I would last in that role before I get bored again. Hmm.

Oh.. the other 1/2 of my day was spent at the datacenter trying to unscrew the console cable that some tech had attached to my now dead offline server.

The cable was so firmly attached to the COM port, that it actually look like it will come out WITH the attaching screwed-in console cable. I actually ended up giving up on the cable and using another cable to another server instead. :(

To all the techs out there... (especially to the tech that did this)... PLEASE DO-NOT USE POWER DRILLS \ ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVERS WHEN ATTACHING CABLES !!!!

Same goes for using power drills \ electric screwdrivers on Thumb screws !!!

Thumb screws are supposed to be able to be unscrewable using only your thumbs !! NOT take the first 2 layers of your skin OFF YOUR THUMB ~!!!

Grrr... excuse the caps..

Guess its time to go home and douse myself in cold water.

Gdnite all. :)