Friday, November 24, 2006

Bunny's New Playpen

Bunny (my pet rabbit), has a physical attachment to all of Pete's architectural models. He loves to nibble off their corners, remove columns and walls so that he could turn it into his new cubby house. So when it was time to find Bunny and to put him back to his sleeping hutch for the night, we weren't all that surprised to find him enjoying himself in this....

Somehow he managed to find a nice cosy spot on the supposed 2nd level of the model.. he looked so cute hiding in there I couldn't resist not taking out my camera phone to snap up some quick shots.

This is Pete's model from his design of a 5 lvl apartment. (although with some parts chewed off).

*sigh.. Bunny looks so chubby now.

Probably should try and put him on a diet. His favorite past-time used to be crawling underneath our couch and nibbling and scratching the pieces of corrugated cardboard we put there for him. He used to be able to stay there for hours, until we lured him out with a carrot. Now he struggles to get his bum through the gap between the couch and the floor.

The model was from one of Pete's ex-projects (he has learned the hard way to keep things out of Bunny's reach). At the current rate of destruction, it would probably take Bunny another week or so to turn it into something which will no longer resemble a model.

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- chi sin - said...

Wow~~ that look awesome~!!
I think you should build a hotel for your bunny... with gym, swimming pool, grassland, room and a dining room.