Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Quest - Findings 1

In an attempt to try to complete our quest of finding the 'best steak' in Sydney. We stumbled along this restaurant in Northern Sydney (courtesy of Google search). Gaucho Grill in Kirribilli is an Argentinean Steak house offering steaks which are.. to die for... !

The house specialty is the 'Baby Steak' although at 500g each, there isn't anything 'baby' about it. The restaurant is pretty small, it has about only 6 tables. No bookings are taken, so its on a first-come-first-served basis.

Note: This place is for serious carnivores only !

The house specialty is only available from 'blue to medium-rare'... So its either oozing with blood or just slightly on the red side.. red not pink. I normally go for medium-rare anyway, so its fine for me.

Oh.. and the Chimichurri sauce. Which is this paste made out of herbs, chilli, parsley and garlic (available in hot or mild), goes really well with the steak and chips. I couldn't finish off the 500g steak (pete ended up taking over), but I still managed finish off my remaining chips by dipping them into the sauce. So yummy ~~ !

Overall 8.5/10 .. but so far its the best I've had in Sydney. We'll probably go try the GPO place next, but this is one place I will definitely go back to.


- chi sin - said...

OMG... you go food hunting without me!!! (prob i'm too busy playing VB... hahaah)

Sounds good, Looks yum... :D~~~ Maybe I should bring my VB team there one nite...

*put in address book of this restaurant*!!! kekeekke
Waiting for Findings 2 - version 100

Anonymous said...

The steak looks very delicious and appealing!

AstroGirl said...

chi sin... click on the restaurant link.. the address is there.

anonymous 1.. it tastes just as good as it looks too !!

- chi sin - said...

hey I need someone to go there with me!!! i dun wanna go there eating a 500g steak (x 2) by myself! :P

On Jai said...

You've yet to take us to that steak place in north sydney... I shall remind you of this obligation to take us there. Hehe. Sounds deliscious... yummm. Darn hungry now.