Thursday, November 30, 2006

Train Trip

While on my train to work today, I could think of ten things I could bitch rant about, each of which adds to my displeasure of of my train ride.

  • Why do the guards of the train insist on closing the door on you, even though they can see you clearly run for the doors ? This isn't Singapore or Hong Kong you know. The next train does not come in 4 minutes. In fact, it would be amazing if the next train came within 10 minutes (and this is in peak times).
  • Why do women have to do their makeup in the train ? And take up atleast two seats with their makeup bag and 'other' bags. And even if you stand right up to them, they refuse to move their bags to one side (to make room), and continue to do their makeup as if you were transparent. This is a train.. not your room !!!
  • The support poles on trains are supposed to be shared. Everyone in their vicinity should be able to get one hand to it. Unfortunately, I couldn't this morning, because some idiot was leaning all over it. I really want to slap him and tell him that... One - You're not a pole dancer... and Two - It's NOT your pole !!
  • Why does the train when stopping at Central station need to stay there for a total of 5 mins !? There obviously was no one getting off and no one getting on either. Nothing can be more fustrating than a train that is not going anywhere.
  • If Airconditioning in trains isn't recognised as a necessity, then some other kinds of ventilation really should be employed. A combination of a hot day, packed train and no ventilation really doesn't smell that good.
  • Ipods. I use my one too. But if I can still hear the music from another Ipod when I'm listening to mine - then somethings not quite right. If you really want to blast your music and blow out your ear drums then do it at a place where you can use speakers.
  • Getting off trains. If you are standing in the doorway, move out then after everyone has gotten off, move back in. Simple. Don't make the people getting off the train have to squeeze past you and jump over your sports bag at the same time.
  • On this matter of convenience, if a senior citizen or mother with a pram gets on. Give them your seat. They need it more than you. I'm sure we've all heard about this little etiquette rule before.
  • Sharing the train with noisy teenage highschool kids who are on their way to school is still acceptable. But I''m sure the rest of the train passengers were not one bit amused by the talks on which guys are considered to be hot in school - or for that matter 'who has been doing who' and 'who is good\bad'. Are highschool kids supposed to have a sex life !?
  • Oh... and to that woman who was talking ever so indiscreetly on the phone... I really don't want to know what you got up to last night !

And all this from one train ride this morning.


- chi sin - said...

1) 'coz it's fun (from my dba in front of me)
2) because makeup is important
3) try using knuckles while you attempt to hold onto where the pole and the ribs joined.
4) (i'm enjoying myself.. hahaha) Com'on~~ they have timetable to follow. They are late already and they have to stay there so that the next train can use the excuse "oh train in front hasn't leave the station yet"
5) what are you complaining, i'm not on that train... (it'll be so much worse if i were there)
6) music sharing!! that's just like BT
7) some people only learn the hard way. Have you tried stamping on their foot and laugh "Oh Sorry~~ Did I STAMP on your feet??"
8) this one to be fair, sometimes i miss old people, who manage to dye their hair properly. But pregnant or with prams, I asked for seats on their behalf, or "message them" with my eyes
9) kids nowadays gets mature much quicker... thanx to internet i guess
10) After Bus Uncle, we now got Train C Lai??? OMG

So much fun for you in just 1 train ride. Maybe i should start taking trains again...

- chi sin - said...

Oops... for 8) above, i mean i kick people out of their seat verbally or "bear" them till they move.
Sorry for inclarity :P