Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday @ Work

Just spent my whole Sunday at work. Which somehow didn't turn out as bad as I thought. I had another 5 of my colleagues with me. All of us just decided to take our laptops (instead of sitting in our separate cubicals) and shut ourselves inside a meeting room to work through the implementation together.

From 10am till 6pm. I never felt or been so productive on a Sunday.

It actually went pretty well. Although somehow 'The Bank' didn't seem to recognise that anyone would be working on weekends, so there was no airconditioning available. Which with 6 laptops.. 6 perspiring bodies..all in one small meeting room...don't not make a nice combination.

My tummy had been growling the whole day (happens when I skip breakfast). At first no one seem to pay much attention. But after awhile, the noise was quite audible. And the guys had started to chuckle everytime my stomach decided to complain. So on one of my trips out to get some fresh air, I went to the vending machine in the corner of the kitchen, and paid $1.60 for a packet of chips.

I probably finished about 3/4 of my chips before everyone else decided to go out to get some lunch. But ended up forgetting about it after lunch. However, I did remember to take it with me when we were packing everything up. So atleast I can finish it on the train.

That was when I noticed this.

17 Nov 2006 ??????????


Worse thing is I got it from my company's vending machine ! OMG.. How long have I been munching on expired goods from there?!

Grrrr... I probably still would have eaten it ... afterall its only really two days overdue (and I was extremely hungry). Btw...Does that mean its been sitting in that vending machine for over a year ?! I mean they can't possibly be loading the vending machines up with expired goods !? I feel like the time when I was eating this piece of bread which turned out to be all green and furry on the other 'un-buttered' side.

But all the other junk food I've been eating from there...ahhh... Don't even want to think about it anymore.. :(


- chi sin - said...

OMG... you HAVE to contact Building Management to have the Air Cond for your floor if you come back on a weekend... You been working for so long, how come you didn't know??? Everywhere is the same... rite??

Oops... I do check expiry dates when i buy stuff from chinese supermarket, but never check from vending machine... oh no.... I'll buy from Coles Express downstairs from now on... >_<

On Jai said...

I've encountered a situation where I almost ate peanut butter which was 5 years old!! God only knows why it was still in the fridge... and no, it wasn't my fridge. I've had chips which were a week or two over the expiry date, no dramas there - I'm living proof that you'll be alright... haha. Not sure if that's meant to comfort you or horrify you.

mon1ca said...

I shall not horrify you with the image of solidified condense milk that was in my pantry for 5 years! :P

- chi sin - said...

mon1ca!!!!! YUCK!