Monday, January 29, 2007

Medium - Well Done

Pete picked up my arm and said.... "hehe... its Medium - Rare.. "

My reply... "No dear.... It's Medium - Well Done."

We went fishing over the long weekend, which subsquently left me with severe sunburn all over my arms, shoulders, face.... and my neck. Damn .. Painful.

I thought about taking some photo evidence posting some of them online, but then I didn't want to gross you guys out with pictures of my flesh baked medium - well done.

Did I mention that my neck really hurts... ? Oh and my face... everytime I attempt to laugh or make any sudden facial movements, my skin feels like its about to split open. *sob..

I guess its time to finally break out the SKII facial whitening masks that I brought two years ago, but never ended up using any of them. Lets hope there is no expiry date. Does anyone know if they do ?!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So True...

(Click on image to view larger version)

That is so true... only with the current project I am working on.. the client expected something like this:

(Image courtesy of

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Why is it always the weekend when you have to go to work that they decide to do track works on your trainline ?

And why is it also that on the weekend that I have to go into work, when the building maintenence people decide to service the airconditioning systems !?

And why must they do it on a sweltering-35°C-Day ?!?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weekday Night Out ?

Because my drinking buddy friend (Mr D) is back in town from Hong Kong, I've been spending the last two nights roaming from pub to club with him. The previous night I was finally let go to go home at 1.30am, last night however, I didn't get to leave until 3.30am. Which is all fine on a weekend, but last night was a Wednesday, and unlike him, who is happily enjoying his holiday, I have to get up to go to work the next day.

The dark panda-eye rims around my eyes is back to its usual state again.

Amidst all our pub crawling, we tried to go back to some of our favourite watering holes. The old dodgy pubs that we used to hang around after uni. Surprisingly none of them had changed much. The same pool tables were still in the same places.

Its not even 12 noon yet, and I'm on my second cup of coffee already.

Luckily for me, tonight is his last night here before he needs to fly back home again. As I told him yesterday, he's not allowed to have long holidays in Sydney. Two to three days of consecutive drinking is still alright. But a whole week of this ... I think I will die.

Monday, January 15, 2007

NYR Progress

Progress report on my New Years Resolutions:

  • Save enough money to buy investment property - On schedule
  • Visit Gym Once a week - None (will attempt again this week)
  • Eat more healthy food - Fast food count for the past week: KFC (1), Hungry Jacks (1), Dominos (2), Bacon & egg sandwiches (3?)
  • Drink less alcohol - Drunk count: when I couldn't remember how I got home (1), Beers remembered being consumed (7?)
  • Try to wear a skirt\dress more often: twice last week... yay !
humm... I am trying...

Monday, January 08, 2007


As a daughter, I did the unforgivable on the weekend -- I had forgotten to call my daddy on his birthday.

And before anyone starts to sound like my mother, who gave me a call the next morning to tell me I had forgotten my daddy's birthday... I had my reasons.

For one, my daddy likes to follow the chinese calendar for his birthday. For those who don't know, the chinese calendar (also called the lunar calendar) changes every year. So on some years my daddy's birthday could be just days before mine, or like this year, weeks after mine.

Now how am I supposed to remember something like that !?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Warning: Never leave your keys with us...

I think Pete's friends learnt one thing over the News Years period, and that is to never entrust their house keys with him. You might recall this former post about our short term memory (see. Forgetful We)

Heres what happened...

Before going on holidays Pete's friend - Mr BG entrusted his spare keys to Pete so that he can go over and make sure the contents of his house still exist, air out the place a bit and make sure that his fish are fed. All goes well for the first week.

On Christmas day, Pete went out to do his usual trip to Mr BG's apartment, which is only in the next block. A while later, I hear my phone ring and the apartment intercom buzz at the same time. I wonder who it might be and press the unlock key on the intercom and pick up my phone at the same time. It was Pete.

"You forgot your house keys again ?"

"Errm... No... Long story.."

Actually, there is two parts to this story... Here is Part 1:

Not only did he leave his own house keys inside Mr BG's apartment, he left Mr BG's keys inside the apartment as well. Along with the electronic key pass which will allow access into that block.

My gosh.. and I thought I was bad. I told him not to worry about it and to call Mr BG up and get him to cut a new set of keys and express mail it over to us. And when we do get the keys, we'll just have to stalk outside the block until someone goes in or out to be able to get inside.

Too easy right ? Well... I told you there was Part 2...

The keys arrived in the post a couple of days later, but Pete didn't go immediately, he blamed it on too many parties, people coming over to our place and even on my Birthday celebrations. In short, he forgot. And thats not the only thing he forgot, he also forgot where he placed the new set of keys.

We turned the whole apartment upside down. Nothing. Finally Pete picked up my set of keys and asked me if I knew what a particular key was for. I had no idea. 1/2 of my keys were from work and I had only been at this new company for a little over a month. Then he told me that he might have put the key on my key chain - but couldn't be sure.

Unable to find anything else, we go over to Mr BG's apartment and wait until we could go inside, then we tried every one of the keys on my key chain. No joy. We even tried opening the door with an old credit card. Impossible. And why do they make it seem so easy in movies ?!?

I told Pete to call Mr BG up and ask him to send over another set of keys. There really wasn't much we could do. We could always call a locksmith, but then this wasn't our apartment. I wasn't sure of the procedure involved. So Pete calls up Mr BG to inform him that he has lost the newly cut keys and needs him to send over another set.

Did I say there was only two parts to the story? Well... there is a Part 3.

Mr BG said that there was no key cutting place open during the Christmas period, so he just put his own set of keys into an envelope and mailed them. Duh !

You're probably thinking about the poor little Neon-Tetra fishies right now. I was too. But I was assured that they should be ok, as they are in a pretty self-sufficient ecosystem. Surrounded by plants, new filter system and apparently there was a feeding stone placed in the tank that would slowly erode away.

Somehow Pete left the balcony sliding door open. Atleast the place will be aired out. Lets just hope it doesn't rain. And incase your wondering, we will need to wait for his friend to come back to be able to either 1) hire a locksmith and break in... or 2) contact the real estate agent and hope that they've retain a set of keys

Moral of the story?

Dear friends and family, if you are going away for a holiday and you want to leave your spare keys with us...You've been warned :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My new New Years Resolutions for 2007

Just to re-cap.. These were mine for 2006:

  • Drink less alcohol (try to keep it to only once a week)
  • Do more exercise (more than twice a week ~ 1 hr per session)
  • Spend less money (must not use more than 50% of monthly earnings)

I think I did achieve some of the above.

Drink less alcohol
-- I think on most weeks, I kept it to a once weekly ritual only. With only a handful of times when I woke up the next morning not knowing how I got home.

Do more exercise -- Failed. Miserably. Even when I realised the amount of money I had paid for the year's gym membership didn't motivate me enough to go.

Spend less money -- Passed. (Christmas and June months when there are massive sales on are exempt and do not count).

So.. New Years Resolutions for 2007:

  • Save enough money to buy investment property
  • Visit Gym Once a week
  • Eat more healthy food - Maintain a 70:30 ratio ... 70% healthy food & 30% junk food.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Try to wear a skirt\dress more often (more on this later)

Heres hoping... :)