Monday, January 29, 2007

Medium - Well Done

Pete picked up my arm and said.... "hehe... its Medium - Rare.. "

My reply... "No dear.... It's Medium - Well Done."

We went fishing over the long weekend, which subsquently left me with severe sunburn all over my arms, shoulders, face.... and my neck. Damn .. Painful.

I thought about taking some photo evidence posting some of them online, but then I didn't want to gross you guys out with pictures of my flesh baked medium - well done.

Did I mention that my neck really hurts... ? Oh and my face... everytime I attempt to laugh or make any sudden facial movements, my skin feels like its about to split open. *sob..

I guess its time to finally break out the SKII facial whitening masks that I brought two years ago, but never ended up using any of them. Lets hope there is no expiry date. Does anyone know if they do ?!


- chi sin - said...

Well Done!!! astrogirl... Well Done!!! hahahahhaha.... YUM... but getting a big tough due to well done... hahahahah

ok ok... i'll try not to make you laugh next time i see u.... i'll try... really really try....

(keekee... it'll be funny to see the reaction though... i'll tryyyyyyyy.....)

mon1ca said...

mmm girl, throw those away! they are way over expiry date!

try some aloe vera gel.