Monday, January 08, 2007


As a daughter, I did the unforgivable on the weekend -- I had forgotten to call my daddy on his birthday.

And before anyone starts to sound like my mother, who gave me a call the next morning to tell me I had forgotten my daddy's birthday... I had my reasons.

For one, my daddy likes to follow the chinese calendar for his birthday. For those who don't know, the chinese calendar (also called the lunar calendar) changes every year. So on some years my daddy's birthday could be just days before mine, or like this year, weeks after mine.

Now how am I supposed to remember something like that !?


- chi sin - said...

umm... solution... put spy at home!!! get your mum to remind you on the day instead of the next morning!!!

AstroGirl said...

i did..but she was too busying during the 'b'day day' that she forgot !!