Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old numbers and address books

One day after Pete flies to Perth for 3 weeks, and I get a call from some mysterious guy who I 'supposingly' had one date with -- about 6-7 years ago. Which by the way, wasn't really a date... we only went out for ice cream.

I don't remember his name, what he looks like... nothing.

And least of all do I recall how he got my number. He doesn't either. He was just going through his old address book when he came across my number and decided to give a try anyway.

The call lasted for quite a bit. Until my mobile ran out of battery.

I can't remember the last time I've talked to someone over the phone for that long (conference calls from work are not included).

Or possibily even had such a long conversation with another person.

It has been a long while...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Highlights of 2007

In terms of life, health, work ... 2007 for me was a great year. Love on the other hand.. well.. you win some and you lose some. :)

I remember this time last year, I was sitting here typing out a Post declaring my New Years Resolutions for 2007. Drink Less, exercise more, spend less and try wearing skirts\dresses more often.

I doubt I achieved any of the above. Except maybe the skirt wearing part. I now proudly own 5 skirts. And these don't include the numerous bridesmaid dresses I've accumulated over this year. :)

Anyway, my highlights for 2007:

  • Giving up World of Warcraft.....

    Yes, I don't know how I actually managed to do this cold turkey. However, I must give thanks to Telstra, they screwed up my Internet for 2 weeks, and by the end of the two weeks when I had finally switched ISPs (and after biting off all my fingernails and visiting every friend's house who had decent Internet connection), I finally realised I was no longer hooked to it. I just don't have that urge to go Raid anymore. And when my credit card expired, I just let my account lapse. Weird thing is that most of my Real life friends have started playing now, and are begging me to go back. *sigh...
  • Masters Graduation.....

    I finally completed my Masters. And my mummy decided to come to my graduation. I wasn't actually going to go. But since she flew over from Perth, I had to attend my graduation. This was back in March, 35oC heat, that big black gown..... You can actually see the sweat on my forehead in some of the photos we took that day.
  • Joined a New company.....

    In June 2007, I joined a new company. My first 'pure IT' Vendor company. All of my other jobs had been at corporates working within their IT departments. So far it has been great, I'm learning heaps, and doing things I love.

  • Brought my first pair of Glasses.....

    This one I knew was coming for a long time. I had my eyes tested the year before, but was that even though I may need glasses, it was up to me. As the optometrist put it "Some people don't mind that things far away are a bit blurry". Rightttt.... So I put off getting glasses back then. However, this year, I realised at most meetings when I wasn't sitting in the front row, I had to squint to be able to make out the projection slides. This either made me get bad headaches or I would just give up and end up falling asleep in the meetings. So about a month ago, I brought my first pair of specs. Now I look even more like a nerd. :(

  • Being asked to be Maid-Of-Honor.....

    Twice in one year ! I'm really happy to be asked by my two friends, although organising for the Hen's parties was really about to do my head in. For the first one I organised, I found it near impossible to find a male stripper. Everywhere I looked.. yellow pages, google, classifieds, white pages ... it was all FEMALES !!! I spent a whole month going through all the ads in the classifieds at the back of every newspaper I could get my hands on. Pete thought I had gone loony. Worst case was when I was at Maccas with Pete and his friends, and there was a section of classifieds left on one of the tables. I instinctively grabbed it and flipped to the 'Discreet Services' section, and starting going though the ads, all the while muttering.. "why is there no male ones???". His friends were extremely quiet throughout the meal, until I explained that the only reason why I was going through this section of the classifieds was because I'm looking for a Male stripper for a Hen's Night.

  • Trip to Japan.....

    My trip to Japan was amazing. I loved it there and want to go back. Despite the circumstances, it was probably one of the better holidays I've had for a long time. The trip itself also made me realise somethings about my relationship, things that I had probably known for a while, but didn't want to face. But now I am.

For 2008, I'm going to take it easy. Concentrate on work. Get my certifications done. And for once try to keep to my new years resolutions. At least the "Drink Less" one anyway. :)