Friday, December 21, 2007

Pics From Japan

I've finally found the time to download the pics from my camera... :) Yes, it took me one whole month.. but I have been really really busy with work. Believe it or not, I haven't managed to put my luggage back in the storage room yet, its still where I left it when I arrived back home (however without the dirty clothes).

This one was taken at one of the Temples in Asakusa, Tokyo. We weren't actually planning to go there. We were originally at the Tokyo Tower, but after looking at the long queues (ETA of 90mins to reach the first ticket office), we decided to just walk around and go take a ride on the Water Bus. This was 5 mins walk from the Water Bus Jetty.

We started out in Osaka, but because we had to pick up Mr My-Passport-Has-Expired from the airport, we didn't manage to do a lot for the first day. After Osaka, we headed to Tokyo and spent one of the days in Tokyo going to Mt Fuji and Hakone. This shot of Mt Fuji, was taken on the mountain at the end of the cable car ride over looking Hakone.

You could probably just make out shops and buildings surrounding the jetty of Hakone in this shot. This was taken just before sunset. The sun sets completely by about 4.45pm during Winter.

One thing I know I will sorely miss from Japan is the food, especially the price and quality of the food. The above is a shot of my bento box purchased from the train station in Tokyo. For $11 ~~~ ! My bento box was absolutely covered in salmon roe. It also came with its own drawstring bag (the green thing in the background), which by the way has become my new pencil case. The only disappointing thing we had was probably MOS burger -- It tastes better in Singapore. Other than that, everything else we tried was amazing. Compared to Japanese food in Sydney, food in Japan tasted twice as good and at half the price.

Kinkakuji or The Golden Pavilion, was one of many temples we visited while staying in Kyoto.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace was a nice break from all the Temple sightseeing walks we did.
I loved the red Japanese maple trees.

Picture of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. This temple was massive. It is probably the most visited temple in Kyoto. The temple itself dates back to 798, but most of the structures still standing is from 1633. Once passed the temple, there is a 'love shrine', or Jishu shrine dedicated to the god of love. Here we found a lot of giggling high school girls AND boys 'walking the line' between the two love rocks. Successfully walking from one rock to the other blindfolded is said to bring luck to your love life. :)


Quest said...

how many days in japan?

AstroGirl said...

Hey Quest ~~ Merry Xmas & Happy New Year !

Was there for 8 days (not including the 10 hr flight times to Osaka). I loved it there. Can't wait to go back.. :)

Pheobe said...

wow ... those are some gorgeous pictures of Japan...

If you don't mind me asking (as a fellow admirer of photography), what camera did u use and did u use photoshop?

AstroGirl said...

Thanks Pheobe... these were taken from my new sony DSC-T200. I'm hopeless at photoshop, the only thing i did add was click on the 'auto correct' in Microsoft Office's Picture Manager... :)

Quest said...

Wanna share with me your itinerary? I had planned to visit for V'day maybe 7 to 9 days. Having second thoughts but its good to plan anyway. :) Email me if you aren't on msn?