Friday, June 22, 2007

How well should you know each other ?

We went out for dinner with Pete and a buddy of his a couple of nights ago. Pakistani food. Although it was nice, I ended up downing a whole jug of water, a mango Lassi and a can of apple cider. (I'm not exaggerating).

I felt like I had set my tongue on fire.

As I was quite obviously struggling with the current cuisine, his friend asked him what type of food I liked. Pete looked at me and asked, "Type of food..errm.. she doesn't have a favorite food"

"How can I not have a favorite food ?!?!"

"Everyone has a favorite food... Com'on Pete... don't tell her you don't know", taunted his friend, who was obviously doing his best to add fuel to the fire.

"I have different favorite ones for different occasions as well... I know your favorite foods. I know what type of food you can eat everyday and which one is your favorite".

*pause of silence**

"The food you can eat everyday is Chicken rice, your favorite food is Masala Dosa... what is mine?"


"Oh man, you have to do better than that. She atleast pointed out a specific type of meal", his friend pointed out, determined to brew this for as long as he can.

"Do I really have to answer this now ?"

"Atleast take a guess.... Humour me .. ok ?"

"A six pack says I can guess her favorite food before you....Can you start us off with a hint ? What cuisine ?", asked his now-soon-to-be-ex-friend.

"Well.. its not Japanese.... its Italian"

"Fettucine" Came Pete's first guess.

"Wrong.. and by the way, thats your favorite pasta".

Lasagna, was his friend's guess and it was correct. Since his friend got it on his first guess, I gave Pete another chance and asked what was the type of food I wouldn't mind eating everyday. His friend guessed that one before him as well. Its Sushi.

Score ?
Pete - 0
Pete's now-ex-friend - 2

Which brings up the question, how well should you know each other ? I haven't given this much thought before. But that dinner conversation, certainly proved that my other half wasn't very observant at all. I wouldn't go as far as saying he doesn't care, because I know he does. But I also didn't want to go and ask what was my favorite colour is. I had a strong feeling he wouldn't know that one either. But I know his.

Maybe its a good thing I can read him as easily as an open book, and not vice versa. But then why am I getting the feeling that its just not quite right ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I got to the office by 8.30am... AM... this morning !

Since that Sev2 case was lodged, this whole early-to-bed\early riser trial has been put into full speed.

I somehow managed to wake up by 6am and get to the office by 7am yesterday.

I didn't get out of the office until 8pm. I actually lost count on how many cups of tea and coffee I had.

On a totally different note, I had a somewhat interesting train ride this morning. There was a young couple by the door having fun, oblivious to the rest of the onlookers in the same carriage. Half of the people in the carriage were stealing glances at the couple while the rest just turned their heads to the opposite direction and ignored it.

I managed to count atleast 5 hickies on the guy's neck.

They weren't really making out.. just huddled in the corner.. giggling.. whispering in each other's ears... short kisses. They would have been no more than 16. The guy or boy... didn't even look like he had hit his growth spurt stages yet. He was probably about 5cms shorter than his female counterpart.

Hickies.... I still remember my days spent rubbing out mine, in hopes it will disperse faster, (You can't wear turtle-necks in summer!!). Which then usually turned in into something that resembles a bruise, and had my grandma wondering if I was getting into fights at school.

After that I stopped rubbing them and just kept on telling her it was from mosquito bites. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

busy busy...

Probably been a while since I've neglected this blog for so long.

But I have been busy. Damn !@#% busy.

My manager has gone holidaying in Japan. And literally left me in a pile of sh-t.

Its 11.22pm now, and I'm still in the office.

I still have to come in tomorrow (a saturday) for work, and have been nicely asked to be onsite at 7am the coming Monday.

I need to bring a pillow into the office...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Day ? - forget it...

Actually.. I do know what day of my little experiment it is. Its Day 7. But since I ended up going out for drinks with my workmates last night, my regime has been completely screwed.

I didn't wake up until 9am this morning. And it was a while yet before I managed to stroll into the office.

Must admit though, the sight of Gatorade bottles on nearly every one of my colleagues' desk did put a smile on my face.

Still looking forward to drinks tonight... :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 4 - Closer

Day 4

Alarm time set: 8.05am
Time awake: 7.45am
Time Out of Bed: 8.20am
Time Reached Office: 9.15am
Breakfast: None

I actually woke up today and just lay there... waiting for my alarm to go off. woot! Jumped out of bed. Then promptly jumped back into bed. sigh.. Winter is definitely not the best time to be trialling this. But I am getting there. :)


I found something on that will probably solve my lost-keys issue. Only problem is that this promised solution may, or may not happen for another 20 years...

Google in 20 years ??

Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 3 - No better...

Day 3

Alarm time set: 8.05am
Time Out of Bed: 8.30am
Time Reached Office: 9.32am
Breakfast: None

It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning. I think I snoozed my phone alarm atleast 3 times. I decided to set my alarm 5 mins earlier, but I don't think it made any difference.


My weekend was plagued by disappointments. No chicken rice. Socceroos lost. The Terrace house I went to look at, turned out to be about 80k over my budget.

And we both left our keys home on Saturday night. According to Pete, it was just me. Because I had left my keys home, and he had left his keys in the car. However, his car keys were at home. Blah... Men.. Is it really that hard to admit you're wrong !?

Thank god for housemates. Our trusty housemate who has never failed us. :)

Maybe I should do some research on how to improve our short-term memory, and work on that instead of my sleep patterns.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 2 - Sleepy & Arrived Late

Day 2

Alarm time set: 8.10am
Time Out of Bed: 8.48am
Time Reached Office: 9.46am
Breakfast: Apple Blackcurrant juice

Not sure if I am getting any better at this. I went to sleep earlier last night, only to wake up at 6.49am. Watched half an episode of Boston Legal, and dozed back off to la-la land. By the time my alarm went off, I felt sleepier than I was at 6.49am. Took me ages to struggle out of bed. And I ended up coming in later today than I did yesterday. :(


On a different note, I have a pimple on the tip of my nose. It is annoying the sh-ts out of me. Seriously. Although its not totally visible yet (ie. not ready to squeeze), I can definitely feel it. And the affected area looks kinda red. Grrrr.....

I've always been pretty lucky with my skin. I never had acne during highschool, and I've never really had to use any products to keep my skin clean.

Just wash with warm water with face towel and splash with cold water later.

However, as I've grown older, I've been reeled in by various sources (friends.. my own mother.. Cosmopolitan etc), to start using some kind of skin products to 'delay' the aging process. (No, I don't have W******* yet).

Apparently, if I didn't start now, it was going to be too late.

Which is all good. The only problem is that my skin doesn't seem to appreciate it. 75% of the time after applying something the night before, I would wake up with acne issues the next morning. Not alot, but 2-3 pimples on my forehead is enough to piss me off for the rest of the week. I get worse results the next day if I use makeup.

Last night while cleaning out all my 'products', (my buddy advised me that these products have a shelf life of about 1-2 yrs... mine are about 3-4 yrs old already), I found I had an unused SK-II mask packet.

If common sense had prevailed, I should have thrown it away. I have no idea when I had brought it, but then again, it didn't have an expiry date. So I used it. (Hey.. SK-II is expensive .. ok???)....

And woke up with the consequences this morning.

The thing that really bugs me, is that I still don't know if its the SK-II mask that is causing my skin breakout, or if its because I used an 'expired' SK-II mask. ?! Its been so long since the last time I used one of these things, I've forgotten the previous result already.

The reason I did the 'clean out' was to make way for some new products. Anyone out there got any recommendations ?! Not sure if I really want to be spending all that money on SK-II products again.