Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My new New Years Resolutions for 2007

Just to re-cap.. These were mine for 2006:

  • Drink less alcohol (try to keep it to only once a week)
  • Do more exercise (more than twice a week ~ 1 hr per session)
  • Spend less money (must not use more than 50% of monthly earnings)

I think I did achieve some of the above.

Drink less alcohol
-- I think on most weeks, I kept it to a once weekly ritual only. With only a handful of times when I woke up the next morning not knowing how I got home.

Do more exercise -- Failed. Miserably. Even when I realised the amount of money I had paid for the year's gym membership didn't motivate me enough to go.

Spend less money -- Passed. (Christmas and June months when there are massive sales on are exempt and do not count).

So.. New Years Resolutions for 2007:

  • Save enough money to buy investment property
  • Visit Gym Once a week
  • Eat more healthy food - Maintain a 70:30 ratio ... 70% healthy food & 30% junk food.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Try to wear a skirt\dress more often (more on this later)

Heres hoping... :)


- chi sin - said...

May the force be with you!!

i'll keep reminding you to go gym gym... (with a teasing mode though.. hahahah...) But from this XMas I conclude that I should have suspended the membership for XMas and New Year... 'coz all the party, xmas lunches... won't feel like going gym gym at all... OK..ok... that's the time that we need to go more often to keep in shape (round is a shape too!) but motivation will tell u to move somewhere else to enjoy life at that period... Remind me next year... hahahah

Eat healthy... I guess i need too... but naaa... i can't keep that HIGH ratio... u better not drag me to lunch anymore... hahaha... If you drag me to lunch, I might drag you to unhealthy food... you think you lahhhhhh.....

mon1ca said...

Skirt? Dress? You kidding me babe? I've known you for 10+ years and the only times I've seen you in a skirt is when you're going for your job interview!

Save the money from buying dresses so you can fulfill the "buy property" resolution!

AstroGirl said...

errm... actually i've only ever worn a skirt to a job interview once. i guess the only other time is when my friends make special requests for their weddings.. :P

mon..actually u've probably seen me a in a skirt\dress the most..cause u saw me in school uniform.. :P

but i've worn a skirt and a dress once each this week already !!! and my dress was $15 from Cotton-On ~!