Thursday, February 01, 2007

Start at 9 ?

For the past two weeks my manager and me have both been trying to out-do each other by seeing who would be the later one to come into the office.

It is all unintentional.

Really depends on what time I end up getting out of my bed and at what time I decide to get out of the apartment to go catch my train to work. And then after that, if I decide to go get some breakfast before showing up in the office.

Call it lazy. Unmotivated. Whatever you want... But it is totally unintentional.

If it was intentional, I think my manager would have had some private words with me already. But then I guess he should also be the one to set a good example. Can't exactly preach one thing and do something totally opposite. I mean, wouldn't that be just having double standards ?!

Then again, maybe he did hint something before I left yesterday. 'Lets both try to come in at 9am yeh ?'. He said in his thick scottish accent. 'Sure.. Your on'. Came my confident reply.

So I decided against watching an extra episode of Boston Legal or House on my laptop before getting out to the train station this morning. Thus arriving in the office at exactly 9.03am.

Except when I got here, my manager's desk was empty. 10 minutes later now, and it is still empty.

I think I've been had.

1 comment:

- chi sin - said...

you still beat me... i arrive constantly between 9.15-9.30
if i'm lucky, 9.45
ok... there are days where it fall into exceptions... 8.45, once in a month, ya....