Thursday, February 08, 2007

Don't Wish

I had a typical Monday morning, breakfast, coffee, clearing up my escalation queue, lunch, work on new cases, coffee, follow-up existing cases, 5pm - Go home.

Tuesday, same kind of thing except I cleared up everything by 10am (I got into work around 9.15am) and so was left staring at my screen twiddling my thumbs by 10.15am. By 11am, I had finish reading through all the stories I could click on from and

The queue was still empty. All my project work was either finished, or waiting on other people. I was bored. So bored in fact, I sent an email to a friend who happened to work in the same company (but different department) to asked him to 'break' something. Anything.

I needed something to break in order to have something for me to work on.

I know. Its sad.

On Wednesday morning, I got what I wished for. Server offline - unable to boot up -- busted.

Cool. (I thought) .... Got the HDD for that server replaced, re-imaged server remotely (server was in Melbourne), took me a day given that the current documentation on the process is practically non-existent. The same idiot also changed the administrator login & password on the image. No one in the office has any idea what that username or password might be. So I spent a bit of time cracking the local admin password as well. (See.. -- amazing stuff! **Salutes person who wrote that proggy.

I even re-did the documentation, so that the next person who comes along wont have to go through what I did to get the re-imaging software to work remotely.

Left after 6pm. It had been a super productive day. Happy.

Thursday morning, today. Get into office, open MS Outlook, notice that mailbox has been bombarded by mail alerts saying same server crashed overnight and still not responding. Fook. Case queue also starting to pile up. Foook.

Never wish for something you don't want.

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- DeViL DruMStIcK - said...

*phew* I had a chat with the servers, asking who wanna have a rest... and they have elected this one... the one that will refuse to wake up... the one that will give so much problem to you.

May you enjoy the rest of the week to be super productive... :P