Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to Work

Armed with a cabin bag and 6 boxes of Apple Strudel, I made a dash to my boarding gate with 5 minutes to spare. Earlier on, I had pleaded with the lady at the check-in counter to let me pass. (The Qantas Auto check-in terminals had already rejected my attempt to print out my boarding pass - it said 'flight was closed').

Closed ?!? I still had 20 mins to spare ~!!!

Its a domestic flight ! I once got on with only 10 mins to spare. Once - Although thats another story for another day.

After pleading with her for 5 minutes, she said that if I didn't have any luggage to check-in then she can let me go up. I told her I only had my small cabin bag. She took a look at it, took a look at me, then waved her hand as if to signal she will let me through. I thanked her for the next 2 minutes (while the word 'bitch' kept on going through my mind) as she proceeded through the usual questions ... 'Any sharp objects in bag...danagerous...blah blah blah'

I grab my boarding pass, ran to the security check point.... waited patiently in-line.... put my shoes back on (must make mental note NOT to wear high heel shoes for flights... apparently high heel shoes sets off metal detectors).... then made a quick dash to the gate.. dragging my bag and the box of apple strudel with me.

And I had just made it.

hoorah !

Oh...and by this time I had almost wanted to leave the apple strudel behind. My hand was starting to hurt. 6 boxes of apple strudel... 1 box was a treat for my colleagues..but the other 5 were a request from Pete. Apparently the pig at home wanted to eat all 5 boxes of strudel by himself. Each strudel is atleast a foot long. And since I've managed to drag it all the way back from Perth to Sydney..Dammit.. I'm going to make sure he is going to finish every last bite of it !

My trip back home this time.... was nice catching up with old friends and family again. If work permitted, I would have liked to be able to stay longer. This time back, I actually thought about settling back in Perth. When I told one of my old friends that, he asked if I had finally decided to "Stop running away". Running away... I never really thought of it like that. That might had been one of the original reasons why I left, but definitely not the reason why I am in Sydney right now. Sometimes I wonder if I can actually let go of my career right now and go back to Perth to start again.

Another thought to ponder on a rainy day I guess..

For now, thanks to those who sent me emails regarding my last post. I'm good and well. Afterall, life must go on. :)


mon1ca said...

Babe... when will you learn to take a flight without rushing?


AstroGirl said...

the day when i decide to go to the airport 1++ hr in advanced ? :P