Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines to you all !~!!

To my dear girlfriends.... May you all get showered with flowers, chocolates, prezzies and lots of love ~~ ! :)


We've never really celebrated Valentines Day. (Although, secretly I know that I wouldn't mind if my other half suddenly decides to turn into a romantic). But I know he just isn't the type. Last year was our 1st year Valentines Day together, so I did receive flowers. Not that I could do much with them though - I'm allergic. So I had to put them in the furtherest corner of the apartment to keep me from having sneezing attacks and my eyes from becoming red and swollen.

So this year I told him no flowers.

Not sure if he took it as a sign that meant he was 'let off the hook'. So long I'm not the one cooking dinner tonight.. I'll be happy... :)

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