Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forgetful We

Those who know me personally, will know that I have a really bad short term memory. When I mean bad, I mean amnesia type bad. I have a tendency to leave things in a place, then 5 minutes later forgot I had left it there. As a result, I have lost jackets, bags, phones (lots of mobile phones), keys, security passes and wallets.

(notice how every item is written in plural form)

And before anyone makes the suggestion that it is because I've killed off too much braincells by my constant consumption of alcohol. Then you're wrong. I have always been this forgetful. My grandma always used to say I would loose my head if it wasn't attached to my neck.

To get through this little shortcoming of mine, I depend quite heavily on my other half to remember to pick up these loose bits and pieces. The handbag or phone I always leave behind, a spare set of keys when I forget to take mine.. the usual stuff. Only I realise this doesn't always work out. Not when my current other half is just about as forgetful as me.

Take this morning for example, Pete wakes up, gets ready to go to work, leaves, then suddenly comes back and wakes me up asking me where his wallet is. He goes to work a whole hour earlier than me, so I normally get an extra hour sleep. I get out of bed, ask him how it is possible for him to get home last night without his security pass - which is in his wallet. Thus meaning it has to be somewhere at home. We turn the whole room upside down. Rummage through the living room and his sports bag but still no wallet. I take out my wallet and pass him $50 so he can survive through the day, tell him he is late and we'll look for it later tonight while I crawl back into bed.

I wake up, realise I'm 30 mins late, get change, grab my bag and leave.

Only to realise I don't have my wallet in my bag, and no keys either as I had left them on the coffee table. (or so I hope).

I still have my coin pouch though. But realise I'm about $1 dollar short for even a single train ticket to the City. I call Pete up and tells him what happened, we both laugh at each other for a while, then realise we have no means of getting back into our building, let alone into our apartment.

Luckily for us, we have a housemate who is nothing like us. Without her, I don't know how we would survive.

Oh... and thank you so much to the nice guy at the train station who gave me $1. Thank you !!!!


mon1ca said...

Tsk tsk. Girl, this is the... mmm 100th time this has happened? Too bad I'm not there anymore or else you can beep my intercom to ask for help! :P

AstroGirl said...

mon... well.. maybe not the 100th time. but definately the first time when we have both forgotten our wallets and i don't have my keys !

come back pls ~~~~~~~~ !!

On Jai said...

Haha, I can imagine you saying to the guy at the station "hey brudder, ya got a dallar maate...".

I can relate with the amnesia-like short term memory... must be the low brain cell count from drinking too much. =0P

AstroGirl said...

on jai.. i knew u were going to say something like that !!

btw.. it was my puppy dog eyes that got the $1... *wink

- chi sin - said...

hahahah... see?? u and ur other half is a PERFECT MATCH!!! errr... the problem might be... one of you locked out of office due to no security pass, and the other one locked out of home due to no house key... muwahahahah.... Life is so much more fun when you have so much things to tell on an ordinary day.

I thought I am forgetful... now I think i'm not that bad... Maybe I'm cured by O2 Atom... ;P