Thursday, October 05, 2006

Melbourne Trip : Chocolate Heaven....

Here are some of my much promised pictures from Melbourne. I was only down in Melbourne for 1 day. I stayed the night and left the next afternoon as I had to get back in time for work the next day.

not sure which building it is, but i was staying opposite it, on Spencer st.

The main reason why I flew down there was to meet up with my drinking buddy from Perth. He was in Melbourne to attend a friend's wedding, and came up with a proposition to lure me to Melbourne on the promise of a good night out and free drinks. And before anyone thinks of anything naughty, we did nothing of the sort - well.. other than drink to our hearts content.

I haven't been back to Melbourne since setting foot in Sydney. The only thing I really remember is the weird weather. But since it was spring, and Sydney was hitting 34°, I decided to pack light, and bring only one spare top and shorts I can sleep in for the night.

Melbourne had a high of 14° that day. By night time I was freezing my butt off.

one of the many shopping centre's in melbourne, i think this was at the GPO, all these bird cages actually had real live Canaries in them. Which I found a bit disturbing, I'm sure they were properly fed and such, but it just didn't feel right using live animals as decor

And I had already picked up a jumper while shopping at Melbourne Central. And even though I had been stuffing myself with Chocolate throughout the day didn't seem to help either.

Talking about chocolate.....

my lunch @ Max Brenner.. oh and i had a thick hot chocolate to go with it as well.

I only just managed to finish the waffles by myself. And after finishing the hot chocolate, I felt like going back to the hotel to sleep it off. Bad thing was that when I glanced around at the other tables next to me, I could see a table of 3 sharing the same waffle I had by myself. Felt like such a pig.

An hour later, my drinking buddy and our other friends called me to let me know the reception was finished, and that they would be heading over to Koko Black for drinks. Koko Black, turned out to be another Chocolate Bar \ Cafe.

More Chocolate.

3/4 of the tasting plate @ Koko Black - I already started eating b4 I remembered to take a photo

I shared the tasting plate with my friend which included another hot chocolate. I wasn't disappointed though, the hot chocolate was very good, but because it was so rich (and I was already up to my neck in chocolate), I only manage to finish half of it.

the hot chocolate @ Koko Black

I was so completely stuffed with chocolate that I managed to skip dinner, and still felt quite full when I went out for drinks that night.

*Sigh... looking at that hot chocolate now... *drool... anyone want to drive down to Melbourne with me ?!


- chi sin - said...

Hmmm... chocolate...
i got heaps in the drawer as well... ;P

Lucky Sydney got Sugar Hit as well... I dun have to go down to Melbourne... although i haven't been to Melb... i shld go there to travel... forget it... i'm just way too lazy!!! wahahah

AstroGirl said...

but thats not the same as the koko black hot chocolate ~~~ !

- chi sin - said...

when r u bring us over there?? :P wahahaha...