Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freezing !

I've just spent the whole morning inside the server room rebuilding one of our old servers.

I guess since I'm leaving this place now, my manager has assigned all the boring tasks to me that no one else wants to do.

There isn't really anything wrong with that. Apart from the fact I have to come into work this weekend, and I have to deal with the one bad aspect of a data center.

Its blarrddyy freezing !

I've got 30 mins left before I have to go back in to kick off the next stage of the installation.

30 mins left to de-frost my butt.....

Where's a bum warmer when you need one ?!?


Franco said...

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- chi sin - said...

did you go outside to defrost?? the sun is nice today!!! (except that i'm sick and i've been wearing my jacket wherever i go... double-hot!)

anyways, i tot you have your ski jacket @ work... oh.. is it ski jacket or down jacket?? :P

mon1ca said...

Babe, your atom feed is not updating. :(

AstroGirl said...

i didn't even know i had an atom feed... :P