Friday, October 27, 2006

In the Hotel room

Last night MC flew in for an overnight stay again. As is customary, everytime MC flies in with the SQ crew, our highschool bunch in Sydney will try to go out and have a quick get together.

I was probably the first one to get off work, so I went to met up with MC at her hotel room and tried to decide where to go and have dinner while waiting for the rest to arrive. MC suggested that if everyone was too tired, we could just order from the restaurant downstairs. I didn't mind, afterall I still haven't managed to try out the restaurant ever since Hilton reopened in Sydney. She threw me the menu from her room and asked me to flip through it while we waited for everyone else.

And I saw this....

Lasagne - classic - lots of meat and tomatoes -- $30.00
-served with leaf salad and bread

Nasi Goreng
Vegetable fried rice with fried egg and chicken satay -- $34.00

Lasagne for $30 ?!?! More importantly ... $34 for a Nasi Goreng !?

"I think we should go out and find some place to eat... I don't think we should eat at a place which sells Nasi Goreng for $34"

Fooked if I'm going to pay $34 for a Nasi Goreng

Ok, I know its the norm for Hotels to charge ridiculous prices for their food, but $34 for what is essentially just Fried Rice ?! Does traditional Nasi Goreng even come with Chicken Satay ?!

We ended up getting take away from a Ramen noodle place downstairs instead and bringing it back up to the hotel room. Which turned out quite nice, as we could all just lounge around on the king size hotel bed, as we updated each other about our current endeavors, our current bf's long and shortcomings and generally just talked about anything else under the sky.

If only I didn't have to work the next day, I would have raided her mini bar and switched to a much more 'interesting' cable channel.

Well.. what do you expect when you put a bunch of highschool girls together ?!

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- chi sin - said...

OMG... $34 for nasi goreng??? that is WAY too much...

oh... recently listening to my friends... if a bunch of gals gathering together, they actually just make it like a hens night, even though there's no one getting married in the near future. Try to arrange that next time... hahahhaha (there are things better than cable channels, e.g. live show... hahaha)

Oh... maybe to make it a real memoriable event, then *someone* should start an event that will surely trigger a proper hens nite... hahahaha

Oh no... i talk too much again... hahahaha