Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Last week was Mid Autumn Festival, and if it wasn't for Mrs Ang reminding me about it, I would have forgotten the whole thing all together. Since I have resigned from my current job, I have been kept as busy as humanly possible, or so thats what my manager thinks. (emphasis on 'humanly').

I feel like they are trying to get their last dollar worth out of me... (by working me to death thus making me worthless to my next company). I am serious, I spent the last weekend working for 11 hours straight completing an upgrade of the SAN. I guess that alone proves my point.

I think this is the first time I didn't attend any Mid Autumn Festival dinners or celebrations in relation to this chinese custom. I missed out on two planned dinners and gatherings. One with Mrs Ang (sorry!) and another with my WoW group (sorry!). Normally I'll try to keep to my chinese roots and celebrate these festivals with friends and family. But I guess this time, work got the better of me.

Two more weeks to go, and 1 more exam then I should be more free. (I think).

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- chi sin - said...

i am luckier than you, 'coz I remembered that it's mid-autumn festival, well, at least on the day, or close to then. However I actually went playing indoor soccer with my colleagues rather than going home celebrating... crab...
Too bad, I am the organizer for that, i can't just GO and leave the poor kids aimlessly wandering in the court... kekeke... my parents understands... hahaha