Thursday, October 26, 2006

6 more days

Just realised I have 6 more days left at my current job before I move to my new company. Funny thing is that I no longer feel excited about leaving here anymore. At first when I finally got past the 4th interview, I was ecstatic. Over-the-moon type happy, and could not believe I had finally landed a job which I didn't completely believe I was qualified for. Yet now, when its time to leave, I'm not that sure I want to leave anymore. I guess its because I know I will severely miss everyone here.

On another note, I met up with my cousin for lunch yesterday. As a lunch session with my cousin would not be complete without a subsequent shopping session, we hit the Pitt Street mall after finishing off our salad. (Yes, I had a salad. Wednesday is 'healthy' day for me). I'm not a shopaholic, I would much rather spend my weekends playing Warcraft than go out with the girls for some retail therapy. But somehow, out of the limited amount of times I've gone shopping with my cousin, I always manage to return with something. This time was no different. I got a new shirt for work, and a skirt.

Yep, my first skirt purchase for this year.

At first I was reluctant. I know that the last skirt I had brought, I had only really worn it once. And I really didn't want to spend $139 on a skirt that I would wear only once a year. When I told my cousin this, she replied that she had seen me buy a $300 pair of jeans, so why not a $139 skirt !?

Since my cousin is an Accountant, I gave my reply in accounting logic terms:

"$300 for a pair of jeans which I'll wear for about 300 days of the year, which equates to $1 a day, but $139 for a skirt which I may only wear for one or two times a year ? .. the maths don't much up..."

"Well.. I think you look good in it"

I don't know about any of the other girls out there, but when someone says this to me when I'm trying on something, I usually end up buying it. I'm a sucker for lines like these. After a quick call to Pete, I was sold. He seemed even more excited than me that I was deciding to buy a skirt.

The only thing he didn't know yet was that it was a 'Balloon skirt' (Yep, the dreaded balloon skirt... but I think it looked ok when I was wearing it). Anyway, its a design that he absolutely loathes. And I can't say this little piece of information didn't add to the deciding factor.

During my gym session last night (I do try to make the most out of my Healthy Wednesday), I had a good look at my legs while doing my stretching exercise to cool down. I guess I would have to do something about them to be able to confidently wear that skirt out. Well put it this way, I never thought it was bad enough for me to do anything about it. But doubt I will get away with it if I'm going to be wearing a skirt.

So.. a question for the girls... Shave ? or Wax ?!


mon1ca said...


Btw...the skirt is tooo expensive!!! Allana hill? How do you spell that?

AstroGirl said...

mon.. its from kookai.. :) well.. i still haven't worn it yet.. mon.. come back and help me pull my wax strips ~~~~~~ !

- chi sin - said...

mon is a bit too far away... allow me!! *evil laugh* it'll hurt a bit... (yep... it is that little bit which is too much for you to bear... wahahah)

astrogir1... let me know next time u do shopping... i'll help you... Oops... i'll help your bank where you get your credit card from... 'Hey... the clothes from that wardrobe suits u completely, you look so pretty in that. Yes the whole wardrobe... buy the whole.... shop!!! wahahahah....

mon1ca said...

Chi Sin, beware. She kicks!

- chi sin - said...

wahahaha... i'll use Pete as shield while i pull those was strips... I seriously know how to use it garr... errr... happened in 1 of those wedding door games... I am the lucky one (out of the two) who didn't need to be waxed... *phew*