Monday, October 30, 2006

That Dreaded Letter

Finally got the letter I've been dreading about for a year now.

What dreaded letter you ask ?! ....... No.. its not a letter saying I've been fired. People don't do that over here. Its Australia. We can go sue their butts off if they do something like that. And I would probably get enough compensation to ensure I wont ever need to find a job again.

Its a letter from my real estate agent. Advising us that they will come and do their routine inspection this Tuesday. Tomorrow.

Its Tomorrow !!!

Well, we actually got the letter three days ago. (We aren't really that diligent when it comes to checking our mailbox).

No prizes for guessing what I would be doing tonight. The state of the apartment, to put it in better words, is a Pigsty. Well its not dirty. It just isn't very tidy.

I'll need to vacuum the apartment, wash bathroom, mop kitchen and generally just tidy and re-organise everything. Everything is just everwhere at the moment. Thinking about it gives me a headache.

I'm lucky that I actually went to wash the toilet last week. Atleast thats one thing I don't have to clean by tomorrow afternoon.

And Bunny ? (see the cute white blob on my flickr) .. I'm pretty sure that although my rental lease agreement specified no dogs and cats, I doubt my Agent would be very happy to find a rabbit sharing the premises.

Now to find a temporary home for Bunny ... any volunteers ?!


mon1ca said...

Hahahaha!!! Finally! Too bad I'm not there. Where did you end up keeping "ribbit ribbit"?

AstroGirl said...

finally ?! what do u mean by finally ?!?

- chi sin - said...

hahahah... Oh.. CNY comes early meh?? i tot u'll push the ribbit to Mon's brother tim

Anyways, my house, in the backyard, there's a rabbit that comes and goes and visit my parents from time to time... my parents keep treating him with carrot... (and that's why i am not getting carrot soup anymore...) and of 'coz all the weeds that he can find on the premises... hahahah so funny... :P

- chi sin - said...

forgot to ask... so how did it go?? all clean and ready for us to MJ around?? (sorry not for you mon1ca... wahahahah... we dun want you to spend $$ on the air tix + on the MJ... hahahah)

mon1ca said...

Not interested in MJ anymore. I can get MJ here anytime.

Babe... how did it go?

AstroGirl said...

the apartment is SOOOOoooOOooo clean now !! can't believe it.

but the agent didn't turn up.

she said she ran out of time. (i think its because she would have to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to us).. but she said she would come back either on thursday or next tuesday.. looks like bunny will have to stay away longer