Friday, October 20, 2006

My Comfy Purple Crocs

Having spent a week in heels, I decided to wear my comfy shoes to work today. The newest blister on my little toe definitely helped with this decision. I got my purple Crocs two weeks ago, and I must say that these are the lightest, comfiest shoes I have worn for a long time. I have worn them everywhere... almost everywhere.

I luv my Crocs !!!

Although after today I realised there is a slight drawback with wearing my Crocs to work - even on a casual Friday. From my walk to the train station, the whole train trip (peak hour traffic), the walk to my office, into my building to the lift to my floor, I felt that everyone I walked passed would look atleast once at my feet. Actually, I didn't feel it. I saw it. Everyone that was in a visual vicinity of where I was, was staring at my feet.

Not sure if it was the bright purple colour, or was it that they have never seen a Croc before, but it wasn't really a nice feeling. I think after today I will think twice before showing up to work in my Crocs.

And there is one really important factor I had forgotten to consider :

That is if the bouncers will allow me into the bars\clubs for afterwork drinks tonight while wearing these... ?!


- chi sin - said...

I think those crocs are better for wearing on weekends, at home or in-office... INSIDE the office... not in the train where people can step on you, or kick your crocs down the stairs.

ha! good one, the thing that *hint*ed you that the crocs are not appropriate is via the afterwork drinks... it really tells you how important that is to you... wahahaha...

mon1ca said...

How much did you pay for your crocs? They have super cheap ones available at the wet market. :P $5!!!

AstroGirl said...

ahhh.. but mon.. beware.. there are 'fake' crocs out there.. :)

i've seen ones over here for just $10 as well. don't think they are made out of the same material though.