Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dockers Game

I actually did the draft for this post ages ago. The Dockers game was on the 22nd of September. And now it's October and even the AFL Grand Final is over already. But I've been really busy ever since. I'm trying to change jobs at the moment, and juggling attending interviews with my current job and getting my uni work done wasn't as easy as I thought. I've already been through 3 interviews from just one company, yet they still want another one. I swear if they don't just hire me after this one, I'm just going to give up and choose someone else.

But since I've already downloaded the photos from my phone, I might as well just post it.

Oh...For those who may have watched the Fox Sports channel (and ended up seeing last years game instead), the Eagles won by 1 point. Apparently only the free-to-air channels had exclusive rights to the Grand Final broadcast, so the people who had Fox Sports, somehow ended up watching a replay of last years game instead.

Anyway, here are some photos taken with my SE K800i at Telstra Stadium on the night of the Sydney Swans Vs Fremantle Dockers game.

we were sitting right behind the goals. premium firing-line seats.
I spent half the time trying to avoid having the football torpedoed at my head

the game wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. without the commentators, this is what I saw majority of the time. at these times, I just focused on that little screen on the right hand side

With an attendance of about 50,000 people, lets just say the vast majority of them were Sydney Swan supporters. We were literally flooded by a sea of red. The reception wasn't any better when the dockers lost and we were stuck with the crowd on the way back home in a train. Actually, I can't really imagine what it would have been like on the way back if the Dockers had won.

I couldn't resist not taking this shot. So cute !!

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On jai said...

Yes I particularly enjoyed the game of "spot the dockers fan" amongst the sea of red - was not an easy task. Haha.