Friday, September 29, 2006

Go West Coast Eagles !!!

Our father, who lives on the West Coast
Football be thy Game
Thy Eagles come
Thy game be won
At the MCG as it is at Subi
Give us this day your freakish goal
And forgive us our poor passes
As we forgive those
Who give free kicks against us
And lead us not into the pocket
But deliver us down the corridor
For Finals are the Kingdom
the G awaits our Glory
for ever and ever


What more can I say ? Go the West Coast Eagles ~~~~~~~~~~ !!!

Its going to be a Grand Finals re-match. Sydney vs West Coast (Perth - My hometown). And I still remember what happened last year. Well... I remember the aftermath of what happened after the Grand Final match last year. (see. 10 Stitches).

Lets see if we can avoid a trip to the hospital this year.

1 comment:

- chi sin - said...

if you look after him properly this time... then the tragedic will not happen again... hahahah

oh... maybe u need to protect urself as well... :P