Friday, September 15, 2006

At Home

I took one of my many RDOs (Rostered Day Off) today. Not because I was feeling slack, but because I had an interview to attend to. Everything is good about the new job I applied for (it is great for my career development), the only downside (a major downside for me), is that it isn't in the CBD.

Therefore, no more 'after work' drinks on Fridays in the city.

No more pub crawling with my colleagues.

Faced with this drastic change in lifestyle, I'm not even sure if I will be willing to take on that job at all.

And I'm talking about a substantial increase in salary. I guess when it comes to lifestyle, money isn't always going to make up for everything.

But anyway, I came straight home hoping to log online to WoW. Only to realise that half the realms were offline... !!

NoooOOOooo.... :(

Something tells me I should have gone back to work.

Its Karma.. ! :(


Anonymous said...

it's good to have an interview....but sometimes things is like wont be able to have everything as what you just try to think what you prefer more..a better career development or social life?

-mrs ang-

mon1ca said...

I want WoW!!!! Haven't WoWed in a week... =(

AstroGirl said...

I did ZG and Onyxia ~~~~ !

- chi sin - said...

where about would it be if it's outside CBD??
anyways, i think pub crawls are too old for you... ever since you got WoW... hahahah

AstroGirl said...

chi sin...its far.. we are talking about homebush here. :(