Friday, September 08, 2006

Child's Play

My manager's daughter is turning 6 this weekend, and we were all invited to her little princess's birthday party. The idea of spending 1/2 of my weekend looking at a bunch of 6 year old kids running around really wasn't what I had in mind, so I declined the party invite. Apparently, most of my other colleagues (the ones who don't have children), decided to do the same. After a quick chat during lunchtime, we decided that although we weren't going to make it to the party, we should atleast get her something for her birthday.

And being the only female on my team, I was the designated birthday present shopper.

We decided to chip in $20 each towards the birthday girl's present. I thought a quick trip down to Myers during my lunch time should be sufficient to get what I needed. I mean, how hard is it to shop for a 6 year old girl ??

I was so wrong. There was way too many choices. Not enough information shown on toys which depicts the age group its suitable for. Too many weird toys. And why do all those dolly figurines all look Anorexic with abnormally big eyes and boobs ?!?

Even though I was armed the with knowledge that my manager's 6 year old liked anything to do with Barbie and Disney Princess, I never really thought shopping for a 6 year old would be so hard. And I really didn't want to just buy her some Anorexic looking figurine.

Not content with just getting her a stuffed toy... (It was hard to find a $120 stuffed teddy bear). I decided to get her a couple of different presents which she would be able to use.

I had almost brought her this educational game. Then stopped to think back what I had wanted when I was 6 years old. Couldn't really remember that far back. But as a kid, when it came to opening up Christmas presents, if it was soft, flat and flexible, then there would be a great chance that the wrapped up contents would be clothes. And I would leave them last to open, wasn't really interested in clothes. And I would prefer to open all my toys first.

I guess somethings never change... :)

3 separate shopping trips later, and after deciding against the educational game - it really didn't look like fun. I decided to get her a set of Disney Princess pattern PJs, a Barbie sleeping bag and this kids game from Cranium.. Hullabaloo.

I hope she likes them.

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- chi sin - said...

buying things for a kid without bring him/her together is soooooooo difficult...
especially i dun like shopping AT ALL!