Monday, September 18, 2006

Ice cream throwing incident

After talking about it for the past two weeks, we finally decided to go and have the 'Ma la' hot pot (Chinese Extremely Hot Flavoured Soup) on the weekend.

The hot pot was scary. The chilli side had dried chilli and peppercorns covering the whole surface of the pot. All drenched in this thick layer of chilli oil.

I had already bagsed the toilet first.. just incase he was going to hog it for the next 2 hours after we reach home.

The hot pot was split into two sides (for two different soup bases), hot side for Pete, and obviously the non-hot side for me.

After totally stuffing ourselves with hot pot food continuously for two hours, we decided to go home and lie down. We told each other we were complete pigs, as we had ordered enough food for atleast 3-4 people and slowly dragged our butts back to the car.

That was when we saw this young Asian guy leaning against our car eating an icecream bar.

If Pete had gotten his wish and brought a motorbike, I guess the motorbike would have like a 'wife' status. While a car althought not his first choice in motor vehicles, would still rank rather highly up there. I realised this when I crashed his car last weekend, and the first thing he said (after all the swearing), was to ask how his car was. And only on a second return call did he ask how I was.

Anyway, the point is, I could feel the fustration build up when he saw this other guy leaning against his car eating icecream. I could hear him mutter "You have got to be kidding me"... To which he took his keys out. Strolled right up to him. Asked.. "Do you mind?"... Unlocked the alarm. And went to open the door.

The guy didn't really respond that well.

I think he started yelling something in Korean. (No offense to any Koreans out there). Which I think can only mean something on the lines to... Do you want to fight? As his female friend tried to pull him back.

I told Pete to not be stupid and get back into the car. To which we both did, and the guy ended up hurling his icecream bar at our car when we started to drive away.

I scolded Pete for provoking the whole incident. To which he gave me this weird puzzled look.

Am I right to say he provoked the whole thing ? If he didn't walk straight up to the guy, I doubt he would have the same reaction as he did.

With possibly no resulting ice-cream throwing incident.

In any case, we were too full to engage in a fight anyway.

Although when I think about it now, if I was in a bad mood that day, when he threw the ice-cream, I probably would have went out of the car and wacked him.

If only there was a baseball bat in the car.

Mental note : Must put baseball bat in car.....


Anonymous said...

I believe if it happened to Mr Ang and me, we will sure Fxxk that guy...(w/o Jo in the car, of coz...) keke...

Quest said...

you ever think about the fact that the guy can take the baseball bat from you and whack you with it?

AstroGirl said...

mrs ang... i can imagine that.. maybe even with jo in the car !

quest... errm... then maybe i'll just chuck something else at him and run... :P (depends on my mood though).

On jai said...

I would have kicked his ass... the idiot was at fault and had the nerve to threaten you guys. I hardly think it was Pete's fault, any ice-cream-eating idiot would realise that he was at fault and apologise... but I guess this idiot is kinda lacking in the upper region or brains department (as well as sub region). What a d*ckhead. Peeves me off just thinking about it.

AstroGirl said...

on jai.. too bad you guys didn't join us for hot pot that night.. :P

mon1ca said...

mmm... I'd done the same as On Jai.

AstroGirl said...

mon... haha.. which is why on 2nd thoughts i wished i had a baseball bat with me... :P

- chi sin - said...

agree with On Jai... and astrogirl, i always have a 4D Maglite in my car... (so dun mess with me... *evil laugh*)

I would be doing the same... prob the same words as well... "Do you mind?"... or extended version "Do you mind get away from my car?"
To me, Pete is already doing the "mildest" or calmest complaint... Err... maybe as you say, [quote]we were too full to engage in a fight anyway.[/quote]

AstroGirl said...

actually interested to know if anyone else would have tried to avoid the whole incident by just walking straight to open the car door and not saying a word to him at all ?