Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Decision Making

I gradually come to realise that asking my boyfriend to make a decision is like trying to squeeze blood out of a brick -- It. Just. Isn't. Going. To. Happen !!

Its actually a simple decision, whether or not to take a holiday next week to give his friends a visit in Macau, and while on the way there, I can visit my friends in Singapore. (Since we are going to have to transit in Singapore anyway).

But no. Its not going to be a easy decision. Because until this very day, he still hasn't managed to ask his boss if he can take leave. While I'm sitting here everyday watching the price of airtickets go higher and higher.

Somehow I feel like he is a log. And I have to kick the log for the log to move. Kick an inch. And it will move an inch. No kick = No move

Since we are on the topic of decision making, I have a major decision to make myself.

Either go to a job which will offer great career development (or so they promise) but on about the same pay. Or go to another job which will still offer some career development pay 15k more but be based in the outer suburbs of Sydney. (See 'At Home' for reasons why I don't want to work out of the CBD).

How ?!

I'm still not sure yet. But unlike someone else I know, I will not be leaving this to the last minute and not do anything about it. Friday. I will choose one on Friday.


- chi sin - said...

You going to visit Mon already?? must be that you really wanna have the very 1st hand information.

Kick an inch really will move an inch gar meh?? :P anyways, many people are deadline driven... so give them a deadline (but u have to decide what you are going to do if no respond after the deadline!)

outer suburbs... do they have parking spot?? if they do, then doesn't matter lah... drive to work then drive to ParTy~~ yeah~~

Anonymous said...

so what is your decision?