Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interviewing - Part 2

I had to get early to get to work before 9am this morning to interview another applicant for my current role. For the record, morning meetings and early morning interviews should just be banned. Nothing that requires my brain to be fully functional should be scheduled before my 10am coffee break.

But in this case, I had no choice in the matter, my manager wanted to see this guy as soon as possible (I only have 4 more days in my current role), and if he was the right guy, we would get him in straight away so I can start my 'Handover' process. Apparently the last guy I recommended didn't go too well with upper management. The feedback I got was that he "Wasn't mature enough.. and didn't seem to be as technically competent". (see. The 4th guy in interviewing)

Mature enough ?! I find that actually quite funny. I asked my manager if he thought I was mature when they decided to hire me... and if I was anymore mature now ?

Mature is probably the last word I would associate with myself. And being the youngest member of my current team has nothing to do with it. I mean the last two sickies I pulled were so that I could make a Raid with my guild in Warcraft. How mature is that ?!

Techical competence... I couldn't really argue with that, I knew he wasn't that strong technically, but he atleast did better than the others I interviewed. And I believe he could learn. After all, if you knew everything when coming into a job, you wouldn't end up staying long and would just leave after a short while, because you would be bored.

I don't know if lack of coffee had anything to do with my patience levels with the guy I interviewed today. But I pretty much lost it after question 1. I asked him what are some of the different types of RAIDs that exist and what are the differences between some of these. He told me there were many. So I asked him to name some or even one. After about 2 minutes of silence, he told me RAIDo, RAID1, RAID5.

Great !! (Or so I thought, atleast we got someone here that can name atleast 3 different types of RAID !).

However, when I asked him what was the differences between them, and in what circumstances would each be best used for, and he took another 2 minutes of silence and told me something that didn't make much sense at all. So if you could imagine the whole interview (we told him it would be a technical interview), everytime I asked a question, it would be followed by atleast 2-3 minutes of silence, which was sometimes accompanied by some "uh.." or "umm.." which seemed to make the interview drag on for eternity.

I mean if you were told it was going to be a technical interview, shouldn't you atleast try to prepare a bit ?

The part that really pisses me off is that the guy is a contractor. Which means, the company is hiring him at about $800 a day.

Fook... I don't get $800 a day.

I'm half minded to quit my new job if they still can't find anyone after 3 months and offer my services back to my current company as a contractor. $800 a day ~~~~~ *sigh


- chi sin - said...

really dun understand how company pays heaps for people who doesn't do proper work but give low payrise to people who worked the whole year off for the company... doesn't matter... all that means is just leave whenever u feel like... :P

So... how many questions did u ask?? or you failed him after that raid question??

Anonymous said...

Hi, from reading your blog i think your a fun loving and very mature person! But dunno about the warcraft thingy... that kinda warps everything! heehehe ...

mon1ca said...

You took sickie to play on raids?!?!?!?!! I WANNTTTT!!!! I haven't been on WoW for ages... WoW withdrawal syndrome hitting me hard.

AstroGirl said...

chi sin.. no i do the same for all the applicants. i have a list of 9 questions which i just go through.

anonymous... thank you.. :) hehe.. still trying to get used to being called a very Mature person.. :P

mon... i actually took 2 days in a row. just because we didn't finish ZG in one day. so i came back with the guild the day after.. :P