Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Countdown - Day 3

I lost count of the number of times I sneezed this morning until now. Its my 3rd last day left at my current job, and if it wasn't because I still had so much stuff to hand over to the current DBA (so he can pass it to the new Systems Admin) then I would have pulled another sickie and stayed at home to recover from my Hayfever.

Since I'm too lazy don't have enough time to redo all the KVM cabling in the server room (the guy thats going to get paid $800 a day can do it), I've decided to spend the last few days at work doing my Uni assignment which is due next Monday. Atleast it looks like I'm doing my documentation.

I swear that someone has hid some fresh flowers or something like that around the office. There is no way I'm still sneezing this much indoors !! I've already taken my Claratyne. But its not working ... :(

Rapid 24 hour relief my foot !!!


- chi sin - said...

You took the wrong tablets... you should take some drowy tablets and ppl will start sending you home, you'll be relieved when you are at home!!!

Errr... does it work that way??? :P

Anonymous said...

so..finally who did they employ? when will you be appear again?

-mrs ang-

Yau-ming's blog!! said...

Forget about the pills - I use rhinocort. Its a nasal spray prescribed by my doctor. It works fantastically- only need to use it once daily or every 2nd day. But its has to prescribed by the doctor. Its not just the flowers that will get u- its only the dust mites, grass seeds etc..

AstroGirl said...

yau-ming.. thanks for the suggestion.. i'll try and get my hands on that one .. :)

AstroGirl said...

mrs ang.. the surf dude with the cute butt.. :) oh.. and i've already recieved emails of 'thank you' from the girls in the office.