Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Quest

After watching The Devil Wears Prada last night, all we could think about after getting out of the cinema was to go and eat a thick juicy piece of steak. (Like that the one which Andy threw into the sink).

So began our quest to find the best piece of steak in Sydney.

A quick search on google showed that there was a supposingly 'best steak restaurant' in North Sydney and another one at GPO in Martin Place. (or if anyone can suggest something better?)

But it was 9.30pm already. Which meant we'll probably have to settle for KFC or Macdonalds and go to sleep dreaming about the steak instead. But how can you eat fastfood when all you crave about is steak ? So we went to sleep with empty tummies instead.

I so can eat a cow right now -- and I hope I do so tonight ... :)

And Yes.. before anyone asks... I know its kind of wierd that after watching all those bags, dresses and shoes parading around.. all we can think about after watching that movie was that piece of steak.


- chi sin - said...

Bravo!!! you really watch the movie to details!!! I still think the best steak is from Hogs Breath...

Pancakes have Beef Ribs, which is the next best thing i can think of... Nope... not that Rocks one 'coz it's still renovating, so maybe you can try their sister shop in Parramatta (which i have no idea where it is exactly..)

May the steak be with you, 2morow... ;P

AstroGirl said...

went to try it last night already ~~!

will post up pictures of the subject in question asap !