Thursday, November 16, 2006


I did my last exam yesterday... (Yay !) ... feel so free now. I orginally had big plans for this weekend (drinking.. partying.. more warcraft.. and maybe mahjong). However, as soon as I got into work this morning, I realised my manager had put me on with another contractor to do the implementation this weekend. On this Sunday.

Work should never be scheduled on Sundays. Ever. Its just not right.

The implementation starts at 10am. Fook. I don't know how I'm going to be able to get up to get to work before 10am on a Sunday. Not if I want to go out on Saturday night anyway.

So my whole weekend is going to be screwed.

The lifts were out of action this morning. And I had to climb up eight flights of stairs to make it into the office. I knew I should have just turned around and gone home to call in sick.

Must make mental note to remember to listen to my 6th sense more. Oh.. and to start going back to the gym. Those eight flights of stairs nearly killed me.


- chi sin - said...

hahahah... that's very good cardio exercise you have done over there!!! I'll organize more Lift Outages for your building!!

oh no... that sux... work on weekends... *comfort*comfort* so when is our next MJ session?? hahahahah

AstroGirl said...

chi sin.. next mj session... errm.. this weekend can ?