Monday, November 13, 2006

Why Men Never Ask For Directions ?

Why is that men never ask for directions ? Never admit they are wrong ? Never think that they are a bad driver ?!

Or should I rephrase that ?

Why isit that men always think they know the right way... alway think that they are a professional car driver (and\or racer)... and are always right ?!

First he took the wrong road going to my cousin's place. (After I repeatedly told him its the wrong turn). Then sped all the way to my cousin's place to make up for lost time. (I hate it when he speeds.. I feel like I'm in a car driven by a lunatic). Then on the way home, he nearly runs though a red light. And only jammed on the brakes because I yelled out.. 'STOP..RED LIGHT'.

A car oncoming from the intersecting road drives past without stopping, and I see a glimpse of my life flash before me.

He yells back and told me I don't need to yell at him.. and that He would have managed to stop in time.

Stop ?! What Stop ?

I told him to just admit that He didn't see the red light. And said that from the force I felt when the seat belt held my body back... if I had not said anything.. he would have just gone straight though the red light..and we would either have a 'near-miss' or hoped we survived the crash.

He may have had an extra inch more before he could still jammed on the brakes, and not crossed the white line. But he would still need to jam brake. Not stop gracefully at the lights. Doesn't that already mean that he didn't see the red light in time ?!

Is it really that hard to admit that you are wrong ?! Or for this matter, is 'Sorry' really that hard to say ?


Sis Wen said...

I believe it is a pride thing. They are too proud of themselves. Stupid Men!!

- chi sin - said...

*in whispers* do you feel that no men dares to reply to this blog entry??? hahahah...

aiya... dun classify all men in this category lah... some people (male or female) can't differentiate left or right immediately... so you call the whole world dumb meh?? Your generalization is expanding a bit too fast...

anyways at one time i was tired (prob after VB) and i almost hit someone crossing at the light (light was red) *phew* lucky nothing happened.

AstroGirl said...

sis wen.. i couldn't agree more !

chi sin.. ok.. not referring to 'all men'.. just 'some men'. but when u almost hit that person..did u know that you were in the wrong ? and not because the pedestrian decided to jump infront of your car ?

- chi sin - said...

If I am the driver, i will be responsible for all the faults that I made. For that incident, ya I was scared when the car still going and i slammed on the brakes to make it complete stop (ABS prob kicks in...) and yes it's my fault for not stopping earlier.

interesting that i wasn't going fast at all but prob tiredness makes me mis-judge where i thought the braking is enuff...

Yes, being cautious and reminding will help to avoid accidents, but the response is not very pleasant one... Have you ever read a book called One Minute Management?? try reading that! For that instance probably nothing would have helped but yelling out, but handling things afterwards, maybe the OMM will help... :)

On Jai said...

wen, you are not one to talk as you frequently give me the wrong directions even when you've got the map in front of you, thus leaving me no choice but to rely on myself from time to time. We do not ask for directions because we feel somewhat familiar with the route we are taking and hence go on that... c'mon ladies, I'm sure there've been times you've gone on gut instinct as well, albeit men do it more. And this nonsense about it being about pride - rubbish!!