Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sugar Mummy ?!

Somehow I get the feeling that I'm turning into his sugar mummy... and its not a good feeling. The feelings are especially strong this week since I've slaved away the whole of Sunday at work.. while he was out with the boys. Then last night he climbed into bed at 3am - apparently he had been up all night on his PS2... and thats after the indoor basketball session he had with his friends.

And how do I know he climbed into bed at 3am ? Because I woke up.... and I stayed up.

I feel like a walking zombie at the moment. Severely lacking in sleep.. and just generally tired.

Tired at the whole 'I'm-so-enjoying-my-life-just-bumming-around' fiasco. For the past week he has gone to play golf, basketball, soccer, a weekend out with the boys and spent all his other spare time continuing his never-ending sessions on the PS2.

I don't mind the sports or the outings with the boys. Its something I actually encourage.. because it gives me time to do my own things as well. But the bumming around on his PS2... that really gets to me...especially since it means he is just at home sitting around playing games and not helping out with things at home.

Ok.. he is on holidays. But atleast have the decency to help out with the chores at home. None. All that greeted me when I got home was a bed piled up with unfolded clothes - albeit washed ones. No prizes for guessing who folded them.

Is it really that hard for boys to become men ?! Or is that just an illusion ? and that boys will never become men... ?

Just a touch of maturity and responsibility.. or is that too much to ask ?


mon1ca said...

His PS2 is like your WoW!

I wish I can have that kind of lifestyle as well :P

- chi sin - said...

well said mon1ca... hahaha I dare not to comment otherwise!!

Anyways, book him to go out just like how other boys have booked him to sports and PS2... Sometimes you got your plans, he got his plans, that means if you want some "helping sessions" on unfolded clothes, washing the toilets, etc etc... make a booking...

(i depend too much on my PDA/outlook nowadays... hahahha)

AstroGirl said...

who's side are u guys on !?!?