Friday, March 30, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Chip

I've been craving for fluffy, deep golden chips ever since I got back from Perth. Well, actually I'm only craving for the chips at Blue Duck Cafe in Cottesloe.

But given that is a good 5 hours flight away, I will need to find a place in Sydney instead to satisfy my fluffy potato chips craving.

Chips, Wedges (with or without sourcream and chilli) .. are my comfort food.

When I used to get stressed (really stressed) back at my last job, I would munch on some $3 box of wedges (courtesy of the foodcourt downstairs), while typing away frantically trying to resolve some system issue.

I must say, I feel sorry for the guy who took my seat and had to use my keyboard after I left.

The best Fish 'n' Chip shop I've found so far is Smith's Seafood down south near Blakehurst, just before Tom Ugly's bridge. Or rather, the best 'Fish' shop. Their chips kinda suck there. Its the frozen type that gets chucked straight into the fryer. When I go there now, I only order the Barra (battered) and give the chips a miss.

I prefer chips that are light and fluffy in the inside and deep fried to a crispy golden brown on the outside. None of those long-stringy french-fry chips. I don't mind the chips at KFC, if only they weren't so soggy and covered with oil.

If anyone has any recommendations, pls post it in my comments.

I will post results of my search as soon as I've found anything promising.

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