Monday, March 19, 2007

My mother is in town

My mother is in town.

-- The End --

Just kidding... its not 'the end' .. although that sentance above can definitely be my 'picture to a thousand words' for this post.

I spent the night before cleaning and vacuuming until 3am. (Although we did have a game of mahjong in between). And yet the first thing she said when she came in was, "Girl.. you should really clean your apartment up a bit ... so dusty".

And so Bunny took a bit of the blame.

Rabbit... Fur... Dust.

My day started at 7am. Her flight arrived at 7am. Breakfast - Lunch - Mahjong - Supper.

Having had only 4 hrs of sleep the night before, I was completely exhausted by 11pm. And fell asleep by the end she wanted to have some pre-bedtime talk.

She is only in town for 3 days (just for my graduation), so its not all bad. I just need to think about where to bring her to for dinner tonight. And possibly endure a night of nagging questions on why I still haven't brought my own place yet and the dreaded 'M' topic.

Oh.. and thanks again to my friends who contributed to the "Mummy Entertainment Fund" while playing mahjong with her last night.

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- chi sin - said...

hahahaha... good work.... and my theory was... have to leave something for mum to do for the house, so that they have something to kill time with... i guess u have the same concept... :P

WHAT??? Graduation!!! and you didn't tell me!!! I feel so "distant" from you now... u dun tell me... u didn't treat me as friend... *sob*sob*... not happy!!!!!

kekekek... contacts JH for having the honour to contribute to the "fund" and have the fun.... hahahha... I was imagining JH want to swear but cannot... it would be so funny~~~~ hahahahah....