Thursday, October 11, 2007

how much longer ?

I know that being able to actually write this post and put my thoughts down on my blog already puts me into the "I'm-so-having-second-thoughts" category.

I guess having to attend to 3 weddings in the past couple of months has really started to put things back in perspective.

Its also is the not-so-faint realisation that I'm not exactly getting any younger. (Some of my friends already have kids for fark sakes!).. That dreaded feeling that I'm leaving things too late is becoming stronger and stronger.

I guess on one hand, being in a relationship where you know where you both stand can be a good thing. But on the other hand, when you both know you don't regard each other as a high priority in each of our own life goals, then the relationship is limited.

Problem is determining when the fun should end.

Sometimes, I wake up beside him in the morning and wonder how long I can keep on going like this.

While I can wake up next to him and wonder about how long this can last now, I realise that I don't want to be still doing the same thing 2 years later on.

Commitment... I guess we have what I would call an 'understanding'.

The problem is, this is not some relationship between two people in their early 20s, we are a lot older now. So its not going to work if we both want to achieve different goals in very different stages of our lives. We both want different things in life. Somehow, I don't see how we can move towards the same goals together.

How do you know when it should end ?

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Anonymous said...

You won't really know when the timing is right. You won't even be sure whether this is the right decision to make. There are just too many uncertainties and unknown factors.

One rule of thumb: Do it if it makes you happy. If you are unhappy, why leave yourself in a "suffering" situation?