Monday, April 23, 2007

Whats for Dinner ?

I hate having to think about what to have for dinner.

Most of the time, when Pete askes me what I want for dinner, my usual reply (unless I am craving for something) is.. "I don't know.. what do you want?"... He goes through his list of food choices - to which I ban everyone of them (Dominos and/or KFC is not a type of cuisine). Then he complains that if I wasn't going to go for anything he suggests then I shouldn't ask for his opinion. We ignore each other for a while.. until either one of us starts to starve. Which by this time of the night, the only thing available is McDonalds, KFC or Dominos.

Recently we've come to some kind of compromise. He can't suggest any one of the 'top 5' fast foods (ie. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks and Dominos), and has to answer with something I can actually cook (Which means.. No Singaporean Chilli Crab), and with ingredients that are available downstairs (more on that later).

Then I'll go and cook it.

I thought this was fair, so long I didn't have to do the thinking, and he wasn't allowed to complain.. even if it tasted like shit water.

Oh.. and Indo Mee.

Indo Mee seems to be our best seller so far, we managed to finish a whole box within 2 weeks. During our grocery shopping downstairs yesterday afternoon, (to pickup yet another box of Indo Mee), I asked the dinner question again.

Tomato Soup was the reply.

Real tomato soup ?! (I asked as I eyed the can soup section on my left)

Yeah.. why not ? Do you think they have all the ingredients here?

My last attempt when I tried making tomato soup was with canned tomatoes and water with some chicken stock powder.... The Campbells Canned Soup version tasted better.

Ingredients that are available downstairs. Ever since the Asian grocery store opened downstairs we haven't stepped foot into a supermarket. Neither one of us is willing to drive to a supermarket, which means that what we eat at home has been limited to what the Asian grocery store sells. A lot of canned food, preserved\dried food, bread, bacon, instant noodles, eggs, Asian veggies but no fresh meat.

So after a bit, I managed to find some chinese-brand canned chicken stock. I also got some carrots, celery and lots of tomatoes.

I googled a recipe for tomato soup after my last failed attempt and remembered that was roughly what I needed. Well, everything except the basil. I figured I could just use the dried spicies at home anyway. The grocery store didn't have any vine-ripen tomatoes either. Actually the only ones that were available was borderline greenish-looking.

Nevertheless, the result wasn't all bad. It looked kind of more orangey colour than red. Pete did eye it suspiously when he saw the final product. But after the first spoon, he declared it was 'nice' and alot better than canned soup and went on to gobble the whole thing down with bread. I admit it was a bit better than canned soup, but something was missing. Quite possibly, the absence of basil and vine-ripen tomatoes. I'm going to try and get my hands on some later this week, and if it tastes good, I'll post the recipe up.

Until then I still have 2/3 of a pot of tomato soup to polish off.

Other than bread.. does anyone know what goes good with tomato soup or if I can use it for something else ?

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- chi sin - said...

umm... what goes with tomato soup... umm... Me~~ I go with the tomato soup, and I dun mind to have the "not perfect" soup (in your eyes...) hahahah....