Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reason #712 Why I hate dealing with Dimwits

After my last clustered failover occurred, I lodged a case to the support engineers in the US, in hopes to determine what might have caused the system to panic.

After a week of not hearing anything from the support engineer I was working with (he had promised to call me back), I saw this logged into the case notes this morning:

(S) I tried reaching you at 612 9*** ****, the listed number above, is there an alternate number to reach you that number rang busy

I really wanted to put an update into the case notes which says something along these lines:

+612 9*** **** is the correct number, and the reason why it rang busy ... is BECAUSE I'M FOOKING ON THE FOOKING PHONE.

Alternatively you can contact me on my mobile (+6141********), but I may not be able to pick up the call if I am busy on another line. If that is indeed the case, please try calling again later.... fooking dimwit !!!!!

I was tempted, but I didn't. Instead I kept it simple: "If number is busy, pls try again later."

Today is a busy day. Busy days are not good days to be dealing with @#$! Dimwits .. grrrrrr.


- chi sin - said...

maybe you should remind that +61 is the country code... you know there are people that are dum6

AstroGirl said...

he has called me once before... so i'm pretty sure he knows to put the country code in.. but its been another week now.. still nothing.. :(