Sunday, March 30, 2008

can they really still grow ?

Ok. Firstly, I'm not delusional.

But over the past few months my boobies have decided to go to the next cup size.

Not that I'm complaining (I've always wanted them to be bigger). But I'm just a bit curious.. Are they still supposed to grow after puberty ???

Last week I went to buy my first bra in the new cup size. I was actually pretty amazed that it fitted nicely. By the way, why does any bra that doesn't look like something my mother would own all cost way over $50 ?? Its fooking daylight robbery!

If they do decide to stay this size, then I'm going to have to replace my current lingerie wardrobe. I wonder if this is only a temporary thing ? I would hate to go spend all this money, then find out a month later they've gone back to normal.

My credit card still hasn't recovered from my last retail therapy session. :(

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