Monday, March 17, 2008

For better or worse

For better or worse, I have always tried to put in 100% effort in to my relationships. ('Tried' is the keyword here). I'm not perfect, but I always believed that if I didn't give it 100%, then I can't expect 100% in return. In my current relationship, I'm at the end of my 100% of giving.

When my friend over MSN asked me today if I still loved him. I couldn't answer him anymore.

Love is such a strong word.

I know that I am comfortable around him. I like coming back home to him. Trying out new cooking recipes on him. Watching old movies with him.

But that that spark is gone. And its been gone for a long time.

My friend asked me whats stopping me from moving out. Because according to him, that would be the next thing to do. But after living together for 1 year plus, I'm not even sure how to start moving out. How should we can split our pets..? Actually, I think our pets is the least of our worries. The whole 'moving out alone' concept scares me. And this from the girl that moved alone from Perth to Singapore then to Melbourne then drove up to Sydney herself. Ha !

I guess I have grown too dependent on him.

He isn't ignorant of this. He knows we have issues and problems that cannot be resolved. We both care about each other. I know I always will. However, one thing we both know, is that we have grown too accustomed to each other. That is what makes breaking up hard.

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Anonymous said...

I feel where you are now can be termed as a "comfort zone".

Being in a comfort zone is not a bad thing, if you like where you are.

Question is whether you want to stay in this zone. If you don't, then the decision should be to move on. You must act on it. Nothing is worse than sitting on unhappiness when you could make a difference.