Thursday, April 13, 2006

2nd Day - Shopping

I spend my 2nd day in Singapore shopping with my high school friend. And I brought.... *drumroll** ... NOTHING !

Well, not exactly nothing. I didn't buy anything for myself. But I did buy a present for my mum and for pete.

I walked into Charles & Keith but didn't see one pair of shoes I liked. I tried on a couple which were ok.. but they didn't have my size. So I walked out empty handed, while my friend brought three pairs of shoes. Depressing.

We meet up with an old friend of mine from Sydney for dinner. He was actually the friend who convinced me to drive up from Melbourne to Sydney. Which I have stayed till now. He came with his wife, who (not suprisingly) is 5 months pregnant. It felt like Deja Vu all over again. I have a feeling the next time I come back, I will be surrounded by alot of babies.

My plan today is to continue my shopping expedition.

And hopefully today I will not come home empty handed ... :)


Anonymous said...

"And hopefully today I will not come home empty handed ... :)"

Well, chances are that you'll at least run into someone who's either getting married soon, or who is pregnant... ;-)


Anonymous said...

if you will got a chance to walk into Charles & Keith with me next time, I believe I will sure buy more than 3 pairs of shoes...keke...remember last round back from SG airport I was carrying 7 pairs of shoes to go on board....kekekekekkek

-mrs ang-

quest said...

Enjoy. :)

AstroGirl said...

pat.. thanks. :)

mrs ang.. believe me.. there was nothing worth buying. :(

quest.. i still haven't managed to buy anything