Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Highschool catch up

I met up with my highschool friends last night. The bride-to-be in two weeks time had also flown in from Perth for a conference, so we managed to get a small group together for drinks and to catch up on old times.

Its funny how when you get a group of girls together that nothing is sacred. Everything is open to discussion.

We touched on the usual stuff like working life and finances but as girls and old friends we were mostly interested in the gory details in each other's life.

From ex-boyfriends to current boyfriends to discussion topics like.. "Where is the most unique place you have ever done it before". (Yes, sex). And I heard some pretty unusal answers as well. As I said, with us, nothing is sacred.

It was fun to catch up with them. Especially now that all of us live in different areas of the world. We probably only get the whole group together when someone gets married now. And at the rate of all the marriages that has been happening in the last month, hopefully the next time we meet won't be too long away.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you want to meet up again soon right...u urself to get marry soon lor...hohooho

r u flying back to perth together with mon?

-mrs ang-