Friday, April 07, 2006

Lady's Night

It was lady's night at the pub I went to yesterday night. Lady's drink for free and guys have to pay $250 (hk dollars) each.

Thank god I'm female !!

I had Hoegaarden (lots of Hoegaarden) and tapped into the endless supply of Chivas with green tea.

The people in Hong Kong are really into drinking Chivas mixed with Green tea. And it isn't at all that bad. It actually tastes quite nice and sweet.

The Hoegaarden part I was a bit surprised. Especially since most pubs in Sydney don't even stock it. Given that my favourite beer was available on the tap. Hoegaarden was all I drank for the first two hours.

We left the pub after the guy I was playing 15-20 with disappeared after his 10th trip to the toilet. And it was about 4am when we reach home.

I wish it can be lady's night every night.


- Chi Sin - said...

Are you kidding me??? I seen Hoegaarden everywhere!! Cargo Bar & Bungalo 8 @ King Street Wharf, and even my office stock them!! (i had two last friday... kkeke)
Go out to pubs more... stop hiding yourself with computer (and WOW)


AstroGirl said...

Chi Sin... you are talking about all the nice bars in sydney. All the expensive places. Do you think there is a bar which would dish out Hoegaarden for free? If there is, tell me. It would be my first stop once i get back !