Monday, July 16, 2007

Morning Flights

My mobile rang this morning.. I struggled out of bed to pick it up and say "hello".. only to realise it was my alarm going off...(?!?)

That was at 6am.

1 hr too late.

On the other hand, Pete the Genius had somehow set his phone alarm to go off at 5pm instead of 5am.

His flight was scheduled for 6.25am

All I can say is that it costs $425 to buy a new ticket at the airport for a flight going from Sydney to Perth. And no.... its not Qantas.


mon1ca said...

tsk tsk...

how can we solve this problem of being late? you guys already live 10 mins from the airport! =P

AstroGirl said...

10 mins is useless when you only wake up 20 mins b4 the flight takes off.

gate closes 30 mins b4 take off now.. :(

Anonymous said...

Tell me it wasn't Jetstar. We just lost 6 hours from those pricks for a Syd-Mel flight last night - the most travelled route in the country! (I think).

AstroGirl said...

I just took the qantas flight down to melb last night. not too bad.. only 1 hr delay.. :(