Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Interview Madness

In 20 mins I will be interviewing my would-be-manager. Yeah.... my new manager.

I say 'would-be' because, he has already been through interviews with senior management, but somehow one of my colleagues from the other team and myself was asked to sit in an interview with him as well.

I doubt whatever we have to say after that interview would make a difference.

I have still yet to congratulate the HR personnel or Senior manager who came up with this idea of doing 360° interviews.

All I know is that I have to be careful with the questions I ask him. HR even sent us an email outlining some possible questions to ask.

The Email noted that I shouldn't ask any hard or tricky questions, and outlined the possible implications of doing so, given that this person may very well be my next manager.

I may as well start shining his shoes in the interview.

His resume is impressive. However, his background in IT is not in Storage. He spent his first 10 years working as a software developer.

But then I'm not supposed to ask him questions on how he might handle the position he applied for, given he has no relevant experience in the specific industry.

I guess I better start working on my shoe polishing techniques instead.

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