Wednesday, April 23, 2008

help + desk = ?

A helpdesk is supposed to be helpful. After all, it does contain the word 'help'.

A helpdesk should not reject and send back forms that require a user to fill in everything again and again.

Once... fine

Twice... if its for a legitimate reason. (Which somehow wasn't picked up the first time.. also fine).

But 4 times ? Not including the first two forms I was requested to filled out, actually turned out to be the wrong form !!

Not only does he want individual forms filled out for each user request. He now wants me to highlight which ones are existing rules on the firewall (We are talking about an IT change request). And which ones will be new additional rules to the firewall.

Riigghhtt...Hang on a moment there. I DO NOT OWN \ HAVE ACCESS TO THE FIREWALL.

If I did... wouldn't I just do this myself ??? And save myself from all this pain ?!??

And since I do not. Just how do I know which rules exist on the firewall ?!????

Psychically remote into the firewall, take note and match up all the rules with the ones I'm requesting ???

Fooking peanut.

Helpdesk IT support is supposed to make your working life easier. Not harder.

I work in the IT industry too. If I did this to any of my customers, I wouldn't have a job anymore.

Btw.. for those who are thinking, at least you have someone attending to your requests. I lodged this request over a month ago.

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Quest said...

lol, this happens to me too. I usually keep a log of the settings I use on all my relevant systems. Not to mention after you finally got them to accept the service request, they'll tell you your old date of request is invalid and you have to base it on the SLA.